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Your web applications are critical to your business.

That is why we use the best web application development tool: Zend Developer Suite. We use Zend to develop, debug, test, deploy, and distribute your apps. Also known as "the Swiss army knife of PHP classes and components," Zend supports improved productivity while offering reliable and consistent quality.

Our Offer

You can rely on Gaja’s Zend-certified engineers for:

  • Offshore development and maintenance of your PHP Zend applications
  • Public and private cloud hosting

The Power of Zend

This cutting-edge technology comes with:

  • Effective IP protection with the latest encoding and obfuscation technologies
  • A plug-and-play architecture that supports easy integration with other libraries
  • Presently the most advanced – and robust – PHP MVC Framework
  • Mature coding and naming conventions that facilitate code maintenance

Zend also comes with:

  • A flexible MVC architecture
  • Strong support for object-oriented code
  • More reusable code

Our Edge

Our competitive advantages include:

  • A clear focus on business objectives
  • Next-generation user experience and interaction design
  • European quality standards
  • Multilingual and highly responsive 24/7 support


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