Reduce Production Costs and Delays
for e-Learning Content Developement

Gaja is specialized in managing – for a lower cost – three items that can kill your schedule and burn your budget:

  • Course Development
  • Content integration
  • Multiple device testing

E Learning


Like you, we work with Captivate and Storyline.

Therefore, we can jump in at any phase of your project, work in parallel with you, and take a load off your shoulders, e.g.:

  • Course development on the authoring tool of your choice
  • Massive data entry
  • Word reformatting and cleaning prior to integration
  • And more

Our Bangalore-based French and Canadian managers will be your sole point of contact.

Reap the benefits!

  • Outsource non-added value tasks to a lower cost production centre.
  • Leverage the IT/web design expertise of talented resources in the Indian Silicon Valley.

We look forward to discussing your project with you !

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