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Hello Bangalore, Bonjour Bangalore, Namaste Bengaluru !

At Gaja Digital, cultural diversity is part and parcel of our daily life, since we are an international team with customers around the world.

We work in an atmosphere where business and dedication go hand in hand with high spirits, creativity, autonomy and good teamwork.

The Management Team
Renato Cudicio
Mathilde Bravais
Sales & Marketing Manager
Romeo Rameshkoumar
Senior Consultant
Bhargavi Venugopal
Project Manager
Chloé Wibaux
Project Manager
Héloise Trouillez
Project Manager
Andrew David
Business Developer
Mathilde Le Baron
Business development Executive

Aix-en-Provence – Bangalore – Montreal

We love diversity and we work out of 3 fabulous cities, on 3 continents, and 3 time zones.

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