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From Our Roots to Modern-Day Reality

Gaja, गज means elephant in Sanskrit.

In Indian culture, the elephant is a holistic symbol of good luck and represents strength, courage and wisdom.


  • Strength Our strength stems from our international team of experts, each of whom have the experience and skill to take on complex projects.
  • Courage Our courage enabled us to take a big and successful leap forward in moving to Bangalore, which has allowed us to offer a unique mix of features, including the best of the Indian IT hub, European quality standards, and highly competitive rates
  • Wisdom The wisdom of Gaja shows itself through a practice we have to take on projects as early as possible, so that we can understand and identify your needs, your market, and your strategy. In essence, your goal – to grow your business – is also our goal.


Besides strength, courage and wisdom, Gaja also symbolizes abundance and prosperity!


Gaja our identity
Gaja our team


  • Table Tennis120+table-tennis games a month
  • Employees45employees
  • Languages13languages spoken
  • Ice Creams5litres of Milano ice cream a week
  • Chai20litres of chai a week
  • Lines of code1500lines of code a day
  • Experience11years of experience
  • Team1fantastic team

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