Partner with us to enhance your website ranking

We all want to appear on top of the first page of our prospective clients’ search results.

Unfortunately – or fortunately – there’s no magic solution to achieve this goal.

It requires the right kind of know-how, a solid strategy, consistent efforts and a great deal of dedication.That’s precisely what your Gaja digital marketing experts are here for!


See to it that Your Site Stands Out!

Let your Gaja search engine marketing professionals:

  • Help you assess and ascertain your PPC campaign goals
  • Perform keyword research and identify the best keywords in line with your goals
  • Analyze the competition’s SEM strategy (keywords, bidding, etc.)
  • Develop a bidding strategy and a media budget that fits your business needs and means
  • Design and develop dedicated landing pages to help track incoming leads and visitor interactions with the page content
  • Perform ongoing analyses and reports
  • Constantly monitor and optimize your campaigns

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Born to Build Traffic!

Your Gaja digital marketing experts are here to:

  • Audit your keyword effectiveness and website performance
  • Optimize keyword planning and integration
  • Link your website with relevant SEO tools such as Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics
  • Closely monitor keyword rankings and website positioning

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Spreading the Word In All the Right Places!

Your Gaja digital marketing experts will:

  • Assess your current social media presence
  • Configure company profiles and pages with images and content
  • Interact with your target audiences in order to boost your following
  • Develop paid campaigns focused on specific target demographics, including age, interests, geography, language, and more
  • Perform reports and analyses, closely monitoring the interaction rate and “hygiene” of your social pages.


The more we grow your target social media audience, the more relevant traffic your website gets.

The more relevant traffic you get, the greater your opportunities to generate qualified leads!

Audience leads to opportunity !

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