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Those of you working with Umbraco 7 must have noticed that there are no plugins available to customise RichText Editor (RTE). The plugins available for Umbraco 6 RTE no longer seem to be working in the latest version, so far. Here's how you can develop a plugin for RTE, you can follow the steps we did to insert Font Awesome 

A feature to customize prices according to countries is currently unavailable on NopCommerce sites and is an inconvenience to online businesses. This plugin solves this problem for display-only e-commerce sites run on NopCommerce.

NopCommerce 3.7 is launched with many performances enhancements and range of bug fixes. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest version.

iOS developers have a new language to play with. Apple’s much-talked-about open-source programming language has been making news for being a smart alternative for Objective-C.

The widely discussed version of PHP is finally out!  After a long discussion on why not to name it PHP 6, the latest version called PHP 7 has been released. The team of Zend-certified engineers at Gaja Digital is looking forward to the PHP 7 experience.

Key Takeaways from the Mobile Developer Summit 2015 Conference in Bangalore (2/3)

Another episode of what we learnt at the MODS 2015 in Bangalore, and this time, it's all about Responsive Web Design with insights from Scott Davis, the web and software development veteran.

A couple of weeks ago, nopCommerce, the open-source e-commerce software, hosted its very first tech event called NopDevDay. The nopCommerce conference was organized in Amsterdam, Netherlands by the company’s dedicated team of developers, nopAholics.

Key Takeaways from the Mobile Developer Summit 2015 Conference in Bangalore (1/3)

This is the first episode of what the Gaja Digital Mobile team learnt at the MoDS 2015 in Bangalore. This is a series of 5 articles and will cover different topics which were discussed in this forum. In this first episode, we will talk about Swift the new programming language promoted by Apple.

nopCommerce and Magento are open-source ecommerce platforms offering a substantial catalogue frontend as well as an sophisticated administration tool backend. While nopCommerce is an entirely free platform, Magento offers a community version that’s free and an enterprise version that isn’t.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of joining the Gaja Digital team as Community Manager, and chatting with different groups I sense a wave of excitement in the company about the Zend-certified engineers we also have on board.

I wanted to know what the buzz was about, so I could share the team’s excitement with you. 

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