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Learn about the best practises in successfully optimizing your website performances. Understand ways to overcome unresolved issues that can help improve your site’s score to above 90%. 

As a  Zend PHP certified expert I came to know about Apigility when working on a Zend Framework (ZF2) web application; this was when I had a chance to create a new API for accessing data across the web.

For the last few years AngularJS has been gaining popularity in front end frameworks. Its MVC architecture makes it easier to maintain the code for large applications. Some of its features such as two-way data binding, web services, and built in web components make it to stand-out among all other frameworks. Being a front end developer, initially I found it a bit challenging to use Angular JS by with just basic knowledge of MVC

When developing a website, there’s a tendency to put in all our efforts in to adding features. We get preoccupied with this and keep best practices aside putting off reviewing and organizing the code for later. This is often a mistake that costs us.

If you are someone who is comfortable working on Windows Live Writer (WLW), then this Microsoft application has made it easier for you to create and manage Umbraco blogposts. You can compose your blog posts offline and publish them later at a time convenient to you.

Choosing a nopCommerce theme isn't only about design, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

nopCommerce provides various in-built reports that can give you an idea about your eCommerce business. 

Not happy with the traffic your ecommerce website it getting? You might have to add affiliate marketing to your strategy. Of course there are many things you can do to increase traffic and sales, but in this post we want to highlight the advantages of affiliate marketing for ecommerce. 

Umbraco has developed a new cloud-based platform for creating, managing and hosting a Umbraco website, this service is called Umbraco as a Service. Read about the biggest differences UaaS will make to your next Umbraco project. 

Some of the most common hacking methods that hackers or bots could use to enter your web application, and how Umbraco tackles these security threats with minimal effort. 

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