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Zend Server recently received a huge boost with PHP 7. Read more about new features in this short and informative blog from our experts. 

Web development is an important aspect of today’s ‘Online’ world. This infographic will help you understand Zend Framework better and answer why it is a great choice for web development.

In the previous blog, I discussed some features of Zend Framework’s Apigility that I found attractive and beneficial while creating APIs. Remote Procedure Call (RPC), Representational State Transfer (REST) and error handling make it easier to maintain and monitor APIs. Here are a few more features that will help you inspect, filter and authenticate data more effectively with the use of Apigility when creating APIs. 

As a  Zend PHP certified expert I came to know about Apigility when working on a Zend Framework (ZF2) web application; this was when I had a chance to create a new API for accessing data across the web.

Zend has released Z-Ray, a new Zend Server component that makes developing less time-consuming and easier by giving coders unprecedented insight into their code.

Zend Technologies has been working on the new version of Zend Framework, the PHP Framework for a while now. After ZF2 what will ZF3 bring to the table?

Apart from the fact that the Zend Framework is from the makers of PHP, what should you consider Zend Framework to boost your PHP investment. 

The widely discussed version of PHP is finally out!  After a long discussion on why not to name it PHP 6, the latest version called PHP 7 has been released. The team of Zend-certified engineers at Gaja Digital is looking forward to the PHP 7 experience.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of joining the Gaja Digital team as Community Manager, and chatting with different groups I sense a wave of excitement in the company about the Zend-certified engineers we also have on board.

I wanted to know what the buzz was about, so I could share the team’s excitement with you. 

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