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We have listed down a few pointers that make Umbraco a reliable, robust and flexible content management system (CMS). Read on!

Umbraco 7.6 beta is recently released. Experts at Gaja Digital have used it and bring to you a comprehensive review.

We have carefully picked each Umbraco package/plugin listed in this blog. These plugins will help you efficiently build a customised Umbraco website to suit your requirements.

After deciding on an Umbraco website, whether to customise it or use it with ready-to-use templates is a big question. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.

Tired of third party spam and security concerns to manage comments on our blogs, we have developed the Page Comments Plugin for Umbraco websites.

Popular CMS Umbraco's latest upgrade version 7.5 is loaded with new features. It's 301 redirect management in particular is a tool that many will find useful. Without having to rewrite rules for new pages, one saves much time and effort.


Microsoft word is an easy and effective tool to blog on various platforms including Umbraco. You don’t have to log in to Umbraco to create a post, here’s how to go about it.

If you are someone who is comfortable working on Windows Live Writer (WLW), then this Microsoft application has made it easier for you to create and manage Umbraco blogposts. You can compose your blog posts offline and publish them later at a time convenient to you.

Umbraco has developed a new cloud-based platform for creating, managing and hosting a Umbraco website, this service is called Umbraco as a Service. Read about the biggest differences UaaS will make to your next Umbraco project. 

Some of the most common hacking methods that hackers or bots could use to enter your web application, and how Umbraco tackles these security threats with minimal effort. 

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