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Umbraco has developed a new cloud-based platform for creating, managing and hosting a Umbraco website, this service is called Umbraco as a Service. Read about the biggest differences UaaS will make to your next Umbraco project. 

We look at the changes in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core 1.0. The .NET Core being open source and cross platform compatible are great advantages.

Zend has released Z-Ray, a new Zend Server component that makes developing less time-consuming and easier by giving coders unprecedented insight into their code.

Helping a brand move into the online market place is an exciting journey for us, and we focus on making it just as exciting for the client too. The website Odyssi, the brainchild of entrepreneur and craft enthusiast Victoire Harth, is built on NopCommerce, here's how it went.  

Zend Technologies has been working on the new version of Zend Framework, the PHP Framework for a while now. After ZF2 what will ZF3 bring to the table?

Keeping abreast with the latest updates is key when you're in the industry of digital solutions. In this blog post, Gaja Digital traces the major alterations in Umbraco 7.4, the latest version of the Content Management System. 

Apart from the fact that the Zend Framework is from the makers of PHP, what should you consider Zend Framework to boost your PHP investment. 

Key Takeaways from the Mobile Developer Summit 2015 Conference in Bangalore (3/3)

What will the virtual world look like in the near future? Is is line between the virtual and real world blurring? At the MODs conference, we learnt that by 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices to the internet. Here's what we think about ToI and where it's headed. 

Here’s what a UI developer for ecommerce sites can do to improve the user experience and boost the website’s performance, in a few easy-to implement steps. 

If you have moved to NopComerce 3.7 you'd have noticed a few glitches even in NopCommerce’s solution rate convertor plugin– ECB. This feature means a lot of backend work for ecommerce websites on NopCommerce that have their base currency as the US Dollar, we've built a downloadable plugin that simplifies the process.

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