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Case Study: How Gaja Digital executed an SEM campaign and delivered European leads for an Indian wellness website

Gaja Case Study - Digital Marketing

The Business Context

India is a well-known destination for Ayurvedic treatment and there are thousands of resorts, spas and treatment centres that offer Ayurvedic therapies for wellness and rejuvenation. These experiences are a big draw for international visitors from across the world, but it can be hard finding an authentic, trustworthy provider online. Travellers find it stressful to make bookings and handle logistics while located a world away with no guidance.

Ayurooms, The Value Proposition

This is why the founder of Ayurooms decided to create a curated ‘health and wellness tourism’ platform featuring handpicked Ayurvedic destinations in India. Ayurooms caters largely to European clients and other travelers from across the globe and offers them reliable reviews and end-to-end travel planning services to take the guesswork out of planning a wellness-centred holiday.

The team at Ayurooms are fans of Ayurveda themselves. They acquired first-hand knowledge of the quality of service and treatments in India and felt compelled to share this knowledge with others like them. On the platform, guests can browse through listings featuring high-end yoga and luxury wellness providers, located in Kerala and other states in India.

SEM Campaign Objective

Having created this platform and built a website, Ayurooms wanted to build a robust search engine marketing (SEM) strategy so that their service could be discovered more easily by their target audience. So far, they had built a clientele based on word-of-mouth recommendations only, but now they wished to bring more visitors to their website and generate viable leads.

Focus on the French Market

Specifically, they wanted to focus on the French market where they saw great potential to acquire new customers. They approached us at Gaja Digital to take on this challenge – to establish a business in a new country and craft communication keeping cultural specifications and the European customer’s needs in mind.

Laying the Foundation

We began with a quick study of the market and sought to understand their consumer profile better. It was clear that international visitors would need to navigate their services in a language of their choice if Ayurooms wished to connect with their audiences better.

Next, we conducted some competitor analysis to determine where the Ayurooms brand stood in relation to other service providers. Lastly, we ran a social media audit to take stock of what was working for Ayurooms online, and what aspects of their engagement could be made better.

We shared insights on the best time to post updates on social platforms and gave our client some advice on the kinds of content that could post to increase reach and engagement. However, the key objective for us was to generate leads for Ayurooms. Based on the study, we created a short-term, tactical promotional strategy to meet this need.

Creating a landing page in French to improve SEO

The digital marketing experts at Gaja Digital began by building a landing page in French. The Ayurooms French landing page included information about the brand and helped position it as an expert within the luxury wellness segment. Post our efforts, the business owners have now duplicated the page in Arabic, German and Dutch and have created the same look and feel across the website. Translating the content into multiple languages vastly helped improve their SEO in these regions.

Creating and Monitoring the Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Next, we selected the right keywords in French and arranged those AdWords to create eight different ad copies for the campaign. These compelling ads were then launched over a 10-day campaign period and optimised for effectiveness. This helped generate traffic and drove 600 unique visitors to the Ayurooms website and generated 9 viable leads, measurably leading to a 1.5 % conversion rate. Ayurooms was pleased with the performance and the results yielded over such a short time with a tight budget. They have since gone on to maintain traction online using in-house resources.

Validating our efforts, Founder and CEO of Ayurooms Alykhan Alidina said, Gaja Digital began by conducting a detailed, useful Social Media Audit for us, which offered some excellent analysis. They worked hard to get the site up and running and the design looked fantastic and matched the mockups closely. When they first presented the idea for our French landing page, I had some anxieties about whether it could match my vision, but they exceeded expectations and delivered a perfectly responsive website, under tight timelines. Many thanks to them for a job well done!"

We hope that you found this case study helpful in planning your own SEO and SEM efforts for your business. Please do get in touch with us for digital marketing services for greater visibility and conversions for your product or service, online.

Preeti Prakash | Journalist

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