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The Simple User Guide to Installing a QR Code

The Simple User Guide to Installing a QR Code 

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode). The QR code system is popular because of fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodesApplications include product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, and general marketing. In this blog, we tell you how to easily configure QR Codes for your e-commerce website.

Installing QRCode 

1. Download the plugin from the nopCommerce marketplace 

2. Log in with valid credentials and go to Administration > Local Plugins. 

Click the “Upload plugin or theme” button available in nopCommerce 4.0 and upload the “QRCode” zip file. 


Note: If plugin is not visible, click on the “Reload list of plugins” button or restart the application. 

3. Click on 'Install' button. (This may take a few minutes.) 

4. Ensure the “Is enabled” box is selected. 


Configure QRCode options 


1. If you require: 

a. Order Number to be a part of the QR Code, select the 'Order Number' checkbox. Ensure that in the PDF generated, the Order Number is always generated last and preceded by “_” in the PDF naming convention.  

Valid Format: Order_6.pdf (Default by nopcommerce), Order_Number_6.pdf 
Invalid Format: Order6.pdf, Order_6_Number.pdf 

bShipment TrackingNumber to be a part of the QR Code, select the 'Tracking Number'  

c. Customer IP to be a part oftheQR Code, select the 'Customer IP'  Make sure your code updates the Customer IP whenever the customer performs an activity on your e-store - else, the default IP of will be a part of the QR Code. 

d. Company Logo to be a part of QR Code,selectthe 'Logo'

2. The 'Text' field provides store owners an option to add content up to 250 characters. This content can range from personalised messages and website links to coupon codes. If you specify any text, it will show up as part of the QR Code. 

3. By default, QR Color Code and QR BackColor Code are “#000000” (black) and “#FFFFFF” (white) respectively, which generates a black and white logo.  


As a store owner, you can specify any color code in hex format, and the QR Code will be generated in that color combination.  



Both the QR Codes generated above are valid and readable. Here is the output: 



As per QR Code standards, QR Color Code should be a dark color, and QR Back Color Code should be a light color. While the plugin doesn't restrict users from assigning any colour to their QR Codes, there may be chances of a code not being un-scannable in some cases 

Example of a QR Code which cannot be scanned:  



1. Text length is restricted to 250 characters. 
2. Invalid Color Codes are not allowed. 


Localise the Text 

You can modify the text of fields displayed and validation messages through the 'Admin' panel.   

Go to Languages > Edit (English). Move to “String resources” tab. Enter the “Resource Name” as ‘qrcode’ and click the 'Search' button.  

Click on the 'Edit' button, modify the text. This text will now reflect in Admin or validation messages. 


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Rahul Mittal | Technical Lead  


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