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The simple user guide to adding social media sharing buttons to your website

The simple user guide to adding social media sharing buttons to your website

Sharing content through social media is a very effective way of getting relevant visitors to your websites. There are different ways to add social media sharing buttons to your websites. We, at Gaja Digital, have developed Umbraco plugin to add Share Buttons to your Umbraco website which integrates with addThis, a third-party service. AddThis will provide the ‘Dashboard’ using which you can manage your share buttons without changing the website source code. AddThis provides the following capabilities:

  1. Changing the number of social media sharing buttons.
  2. Adding or removing different social media share buttons.
  3. Different templates for Share Buttons like Inline, Floating, Popup etc.
  4. Analytics of your sharing details.

Learn more about addThis Dashboard and different options to configure share buttons from the addThis website.

Follow the below steps to configure the AddThis share buttons Umbraco plugin. (Download)

1. Create your addThis account.

2. Login to your Umbraco back office and install the AddThis Share Buttons plugin.

3. In the Umbraco back office from the settings sections, select the Home/Root node document type and add ‘AddThis Share’ compositions document type as shown in the screenshot below.

4. From the content section, select the Home/Root node and in the ‘AddThis Share’ Tab update ‘AddThis Key’ as shown in the screenshot below.

To get ‘AddThis Key’, login to your AddThis account, from the left corner select the profile and copy the value of ID in the profile general sections as shown below.

5. The plugin will create a ‘Share Buttons’ macro where you need the share buttons to appear, add the ‘Share Buttons’ macro either in Rich Text editor or in Umbraco Grid.

6. If you need the share buttons to appear in all pages or in a specific set of pages (e.g., in all blogs), then add ‘Share Buttons’ macro to the corresponding template using the following line of code.


Once the plugin is configured, all changes such as changing social media sharing options, showing the share buttons as inline or floating or popup, etc., can be controlled from the addThis account without touching the code in Umbraco site.

Contact us for more plugin development ideas and if you have any query related to Umbraco CMS.

Manjunath Govindappa | ASP.NET Technical Lead 

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