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The Difference Between Content Marketing and Digital Marketing

The Difference Between Content Marketing and Digital Marketing

Are you a brand trying to evolve a digital marketing strategy that works? Are you in the dark about the difference between the many terms that are bandied about by agencies and experts? We are here to help. For instance, today we will talk about how content marketing is different from social media marketing and how both terms fall under the umbrella term, digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a catch-all phrase used for all activities intended to create awareness for your brand online. Digital marketing includes every effort to engage with your target audience, using a variety communication strategies like website creation, blogging, social media content generation and video creation. Digital marketing also involves Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing, all techniques intended to make it easier for your audiences to find, buy or consume your product or service online.

A Tactic Vs A Channel

Content Marketing is just one aspect of Digital Marketing. By and large, we can define Content Marketing as a tactic to craft interesting pieces of marketing content whereas Social Media Marketing can be defined as set of industry-recognised best practices to increase user engagement and interaction with this content, on various social-media vehicles or channels.

Social Media Marketing is all about figuring out smart ways to distribute content on various channels, including your company website and blogs and posts shared via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, among others.

Evolving a content marketing strategy

To give you an example, our digital marketing agency was approached by Palmex, a Canadian artificial-thatch-based roofing solution to generate viable leads and to increase their customer base in India. Keeping this goal in mind, we assigned a content marketer to research competition in this space and evolve a content strategy to cater to customers in this space. After careful study, the content marketer concluded that Palmex ought to evangelise their product and reach out to the architect community in India, who could then recommend their artificial thatch product to real-estate clients and hospitality business owners.

We, therefore, set about interviewing architects to create original content for the company blog to generate visibility for Palmex and increase time spent on the company website. The content marketer wrote interesting blogs featuring hospitality projects and we then went about creating a promotional strategy to maximise engagement with this content. And that is when the expertise of a social media marketer came into play.

Social Media Marketing to Amplify The Power of Content

Our social media marketer devised a content calendar, decided the right frequency for posting and analysed specific days and times when Palmex customers were most likely to be online. We also crafted a distribution strategy that focused on specific social platforms, LinkedIn and Instagram in this case, and boosted posts to maximise reach and user interaction for these posts that linked back to the Palmex company blog.

Post publishing, our social media marketer analysed data to understand which pieces of content were performing well and why, and worked with the content marketer to tweak and refine our approach, iteratively, week-on-week.

Adding SEO to the Mix

Further, our digital marketing head in charge of the Palmex account worked with an SEO expert to evolve a keyword strategy to suit the client budget and supervised the creation of an innovative ad campaign with eye-catching banners and ad copies designed to leverage relevant keywords to generate traffic and viable leads for our client.

Now you can see that while there is a great deal of synergy in actions taken on by the content marketer in creating original content basis their understanding of the client’s needs, the social marketer’s efforts to amplify this content to ensure reach and engagement, and the SEO expert to create a pay-per-click campaign, the actions themselves are independent of each other, and require different skill sets altogether.

If you are considering hiring a digital marketing agency to establish your brand online and maintain consistently high levels of interaction via various communication platforms, it helps to understand how different specialisations work together to achieve a common aim. It is important to have a robust content marketing strategy in place, create original videos, articles, GIFs, podcasts, infographics, stories and posts and reshare valuable content from other outlets, to establish a strong foundation. And it is equally critical that you employ the efforts of a good SEO expert and use a variety of social media marketing tools to ensure that your content reaches the right audience and inspires them to remember your brand, buy your product and services, or recommend it to others.

Do get in touch with us if you need help with content marketing or social media marketing, or if you would like to hire us to devise a digital marketing plan end-to-end. Please share feedback by commenting on this blog and forward it to friends and colleagues.

Preeti Prakash | Journalist

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