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Implement live chat on your website - here's how

Implement live chat on your website - here's how

Having live chat support on a website is very important as it helps answer visitors’ questions more precisely and quickly. And, if the visitor’s questions are resolved quickly, it increases the chance of converting your website users into a potential customer. Moreover, having live chat on your website offers the following benefits:

  1. Live chat is convenient for customers - it helps them make their decisions as quickly as possible
  2. Live chat is cheaper and much easier to handle compared to a telephone-based support service
  3. Generally, sites with live chat have better lead conversion rates and/or sales rate.
  4. Live chat gives you an edge over your competitors.

Because of the above-mentioned benefits, we, at Gaja Digital Agency, wanted to implement a live chat on our website. We were looking for a chat solution with the following features.

  1. Easy to integrate
  2. The chat solution should support a multilingual environment, because our website is multilingual
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Customisable
  5. Our website users should be able to send us offline messages when we are not online.

Our research led us to the Zendesk (formerly Zopim) chat solution. However, our website is based on Umbraco and we didn’t find any plugin available to integrate it with the Zendesk chat solution, we created a Zendesk chat plugin for Umbraco. To download the plugin, click here.

Here's how you can configure the plugin for your own need.

First, create an account with Zendesk chat solution with an appropriate subscription based on your requirement. Once you have the account, download the plugin and follow the following installation instructions to configure the plugin.

Plugin Installation Instructions

  1. Install the Zendesk chat plugin from your Admin backoffice.

  2. Add this configuration key to ‘Appsettings’ section of the web.config file:
    <add key="ZopimKey" value="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"/>

    To get the Zendesk chat key, log in to your Zendesk account, and from the dashboard page click on the profile icon on the right top corner. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Check Connection’ as shown in the screenshot below:

    After clicking on ‘Check Connection’, a dialog box will be displayed where you can see your account key, as shown in the screenshot below:

  3. Add this line of code to your layout file in the <head> section:

Check the following links to know more about Zendesk features and to configure your Zendesk chat as per your requirement.

This package is open source. If you want to customise your chat window, you can do so by using Zendesk Javascript API. For more details on Zendesk Javascript API, click here.

For any other queries, contact us.

Manjunath Govindappa | ASP.NET Technical Lead

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