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Five ways nopCommerce helps store owners enhance the online shopping experience

Five ways nopCommerce helps store owners enhance the online shopping experience

Online businesses today operate in a highly competitive landscape and fight to capture their customer’s attention and make a sale. A successful transaction is, therefore, a result of many things working well together. In this post we look at how you can leverage the many functionalities offered by nopCommerce, the open source eCommerce platform, to make a favourable impression on your customer, even long after he/she has exited your website.

1. Encourage customers to rate and review
92% of consumers read online product reviews and 88% of consumers form an opinion by reading up to 10 reviews. These stats show that reviews play a big part in increasing the trustworthiness of your online business. The product reviews functionality in nopCommerce makes it easy for business owners to solicit ratings and comments from customers. Store administrators can choose to approve and delete entries that are irrelevant or nonsensical, for a smoother consumer experience.

2. Manage your inventory seamlessly
Browsing through a storefront and settling on a purchase only to find that the item you need is not in stock can be hugely frustrating to an online shopper. nopCommerce gives store owners the ability to hide products that are not available, and display stock quantity on a product page, easily. Customers can also choose to be notified when a product becomes available next, increasing the chances of a sale in the future. Better inventory management directly impacts store efficiency. The platform also lets resellers work with third-party suppliers via a vendor admin panel, so your partners and you can view and manage sales and orders, happening across different locations, in real time, generate sales reports and more.

3. Offer different payment options
nopCommerce marketplace supports multiple payment options out of the box and lets customers choose from a variety of industry standard payment gateways. You can customise these options depending on your location, or set up internationally viable payment methods to boost sales conversion figures by 40% and reduce dropouts.

4. Upsell and cross-sell to customers
Is your customer in the market for a bomber jacket? How about suggesting that they also pick up a pair of aviators to complete the look? Is he/she buying an expensive mattress, this is the perfect opportunity to push a mattress protector to ensure that their bed is protected from stains and spills. nopCommerce helps you enhance a customer’s shopping experience by suggesting helpful add-ons before they complete their primary purchase.

5. Analyse abandoned shopping cart data to trigger offers
Many times customers take time to research products, read reviews, compare prices across websites, and add items to their cart, only to abandon their shopping journey midway. With the nopCommerce's Current Shopping Carts List feature, shop owners can look at cart data for all existing customers, across all stores, in one place. Analysing this data can help owners push messages reminding customers to complete their purchase, trigger customised time-bound discounts and offers to incentivise a purchase. Using the nopCommerce platform to create these messages and tailor discounts can bring in 20% more revenue every month, that could be missed out on during a busy week or day.

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Preeti Prakash | Journalist

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