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The Simple User Guide to Setting up a Picreel Campaign

The Simple User Guide to Setting up a Picreel Campaign

Set up a Picreel Account

To use this plugin, you must first set up a Picreel account. Once your account is created, you can begin to set up a new campaign. Click here for official documentation.

Installing Picreel

1. Download the plugin from the Nopcommerce marketplace.

2. Log in with valid credentials and go to Administration > Local Plugins.

Click the “Upload plugin or theme” button available on nopCommerce 4.0 and upload the “Picreel” zip file.

Note: If the plugin is not visible, click on “Reload list of plugins” button or restart the application.

3. Click on the ‘Install’ button. Installation may take some time.

4. Ensure the “Is enabled” box is selected.

Using Campaign in your store

Assume, for your store, you want to use the “Wheel of Fortune” campaign, which looks like the image below:

In the image, you can see the values that will be ultimately visible on the Wheel of Fortune – e.g., 2% Off, 3% Off, etc. The second column reflects the associated coupon code (hidden until the customer spins the wheel).


These discount coupons should also be added to your nopCommerce store. Go to Administration > Promotions > Discounts in store to configure your discounts.

On spinning the wheel, a coupon code will be displayed. This code is to be used by customers during their checkout procedure. It is recommended that you inform the customer to copy the coupon before moving to the checkout page.

Customers can now apply this coupon code and avail the discount.

Customisation of Store

Picreel offers multiple levels of customisation to your store – depending on the campaign you want. To understand the full range of customisation options available and their respective prices, contact the Picreel team or click here for plan options.

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Rahul Mittal | Technical Lead 

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