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Marketing Insights from the nopCommerce Days Conference

Marketing Insights from the nopCommerce Days Conference

nopCommerce recently concluded their third Days conference in New York City at the end of November 2017. The nopCommerce team had scheduled various talks as part of the event that saw 205 attendees from 24 countries. The annual conference is an opportunity for developers, marketers, and business heads to network and acquaint themselves with the latest learnings to drive greater innovation within the space of online retailing.

Why nopCommerce?

The Days conference was yet another reminder of the growing influence of nopCommerce, now in use to run over 35,000 websites worldwide. Open, free, reliable, responsive and innovative - nopCommerce has invigorated online retail sales, across various verticals. As a recent Forrester Research report shows, eCommerce is on the rise, while traditional retail is shrinking. Online sales in the US alone are expected to grow to a value of over $500 Billion, by 2020. Savvy marketers realise the potential of nopCommerce to engage with and grow audiences online and have even begun to use it to strengthen offline sales via their brick and mortar stores.

nopCommerce has an edge because it is nimble and responsive. Developers can easily build new features or add onto existing ones to tailor it to their individual needs. And marketers can tap into the tools offered by nopCommerce to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and increase the efficacy of their communication.

In this post, we present to you some key learnings on their session on leveraging nopCommerce tools and features to create an integrated marketing plan for your service or product. The insights in this article are courtesy Ed Arboleda, who represents a Gold Partner of nopCommerce. And the link to his 40-minute long talk can be found here.

Challenges in catering to the online consumer of today

One of the key challenges facing marketers today is that audiences have very short attention spans and are wary of change. Incredibly, a recent study found that the average attention span of people stands at a mere eight seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish’s at nine seconds. Online messaging, therefore, has to be clear, must be crafted with precision and care, and have an immediate hook to get past this barrier.

The Need for an Integrated Marketing Plan

It is very important to understand the core value proposition driving your product or service, understand what differentiates your offering, and design a marketing campaign that is comprehensive, across mobile platforms and social media

Mobile emerges as a winner

Statcounter recently announced that for the first time ever, in October 2016, the number of people accessing online content via their smartphones had gone past the number of people accessing the internet via desktops. This is a tipping point, and marketers must move fast to be able to leverage the power of the mobile as a medium, and market to customers, who are looking for new products, services, and experience, while being glued to their cell phones.

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