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How To Create a Winning Google Adwords Strategy for Your Startup

How To Create a Winning Google Adwords Strategy for Your Startup

Startups today want to reach out to potential customers and create awareness of their product or service by diverting users to their website, landing page, homepage and blogs. They also want to generate leads by leveraging the power of Google Adwords with powerfully crafted ad copy that drives home a strong call to action. In this post, we will share some of our insights on creating and managing your Google Adwords campaign for maximum returns on investment.

Identify your customer

We cannot stress the importance of this first step enough. It is important to create a very clear profile of your potential customer, and understand and predict their search pattern, so your Adword campaigns are tailored to fit their search intention. The search intention could be as simple as finding an organic store nearby or researching a potential travel destination.

Define clear campaign objectives, timelines and budgets

An Adwords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign needs to have clear objectives because the competition is fierce. The objective of the campaign could broadly be classified as ‘Brand Awareness’, ‘Lead Generation’, for example. With the costs per click getting higher, it is becoming harder for a new website, app or service to be guaranteed a great ROI with an unfocused, generic campaign. Once you have figured out an original campaign idea, set aside an adequate budget after analysing keywords, suggested bids per keyword, and targeting strategy. Commit to a timeline of at least 3 months to begin seeing results. Spending too little may not get you the conversions you seek and running a campaign for just a few weeks may also fail to get you results. Ideally, consult an expert to guide you every step of the way.

Employ an expert

Startups are under pressure to make their limited budgets work for them. This is why it is important to set realistic goals and employ a dedicated Adwords Manager who can constantly monitor and optimise the performance of your campaign, every hour of every day.

Optimise. Optimise. Optimise.

When you outsource your Adword campaign management to certified and experienced professionals (like us at Gaja Digital Agency) you can stay on top of the campaign and track its performance hour by hour, day by day, and week on week. There are various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to consider while monitoring the campaign. These KPIs could be – Quality Score, CTR (Click Through Rate), average keyword position, conversion rate, cost per conversion, among others.

These KPIs will help fine-tune the Adwords campaign:

  • Create search strings that are most suited to your industry and in line with user’s search behaviour
  • Pause, tweak or refresh ad copy to target a new or existing set of customers better
  • Create a strong bid strategy, constantly optimise bids according to what the competition analysis shows
  • Create a temporary spike or irresistible offers during a sale to counter competition
  • Ensure your targeted keywords, ad copies and landing page have the same message. Keep a close eye on Google analytics stats such as behavoural flow, average time spent on the website (especially, the landing page of the Adwords campaign), bounce rate, etc.
  • Share intelligence that helps you understand your user behaviour better understand what they are searching for, when, from where, and on what device, to inform future marketing campaigns.

We hope that this post gives you an idea about the basics of how to kickstart a Google Adwords campaign and make the most of your limited budget as a startup for the highest ROI. Keep watching this space for more updates on digital marketing and please do get in touch with us for expert help to launch and guide your Adwords campaign.

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Vidhi Pathak | SEO/SEM Specialist

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