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Curating Expert Voices: What will the future of CMS look like?

Curating Expert Voices: What will the future of CMS look like?

A Content Managing System (CMS), which allows multiple users to collaboratively create, modify and publish digital content has been around for a long time. But, despite the availability of intuitive design features and new, nifty plugins — at its core CMS applications have not changed all that much. But today’s customers are seeking a lot more from their CMS application. In this post, we curate some expert voices from the field, and put together a wishlist for what the CMS of the future ought to look like.

AI - Based Analytics, Integrated

In an age where the fortunes of companies can be influenced by a single blog post and political revolutions can be sparked by a tweet — brands keep a hawk eye on their content. But with content being handled by multiple stakeholders, websites need to be smarter. This calls for the integration of AI-based modules into CMS offering real-time analytics to publishers so they can better understand what content is working online and why.

AI-driven features can also make it easier for lay users to create engaging, sticky and personalized content for different consumer personas. Content personalization is now possible through the use of third party services like Google Optimize 360, however, it is only available for enterprise customers. Could the CMS of tomorrow serve up differentiated content, predictively, to individual users as well? Could customized content be displayed based on the visitor’s browsing history, location, time, and the device used to access digital media? Only time will tell.

A Hub-and-Spoke Publishing Model for Content

The website is no longer the centre of the universe for brands of today, for brands are built by marketers and experienced by consumers on a number of diverse media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, and more. The CMS of tomorrow will have to wake up to this reality and allow content owners to tweak messaging for distribution across platforms. Could the applications of tomorrow automatically repurpose and suggest how content can be tailored for multiple channels and allow for publishing at the click of a button? Could this feature be made available via a central dashboard?

CMS + Advanced SEO = Win Win for Customers and Businesses

Content needs to be easy to searchable, findable, linkable and actionable for it to be truly valuable. Currently, big businesses develop their own algorithms, at a huge investment of money and time, to create content that is easy to search and find. Can CMS platforms make it more intuitive and easy for content owners to generate search-friendly URLs, engaging keywords, memorable titles, and generate meta tags? Can this functionality be broadened to include visualization for critically important metrics, so SEO health can be tracked at a glance? Developers will need to figure out the answers to these questions, if as Theo Paraskevopoulos says, businesses are to work towards becoming a website as opposed to just having a website.

Integrating Business Development Tools into CMS

Making websites central to businesses also means that CRM and lead generation features will have to be bundled into existing CMS platforms. There is plenty of room to make it easier for CMS platforms to capture leads and increase conversions. Currently, there is no workflow for CMS platforms to seamlessly capture information about who enquired about a business service or product, whether a call back is required, and the ongoing status of such interactions. Large businesses currently integrate with Salesforce solutions — however, this silo based approach may not serve the needs of rapidly growing, small but agile businesses of tomorrow.

Umbraco a leading open-source CMS platform is constantly adding plugins authored by third party developers from the world over. Collectively, Umbraco is constantly working to better serve its users, by developing new functionalities, as the demands of business, change and grow.

Contact us for advice on how you can leverage the range of possibilities with Umbraco, to create or build on your existing digital presence, for a truly future-ready business.

Preeti Prakash | Journalist

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