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Smarter, Faster, Better: New features in Umbraco 7.7

Smarter, Faster, Better: New features in Umbraco 7.7

Umbraco, a leading open source content management system (CMS), has just released its latest version - Umbraco 7.7 - with many new features to make life easier for users the world over. Let us introduce you to some significant changes that have been made:

New User Management Module
Does your organisation have a large website, which is driven by contributions from writers, editors, translators, graphic designers, and site managers? Do you struggle with managing permissions for each category for users? How do you change user rights for large groups of users in one go? Can an individual be made part of multiple groups and be assigned different start nodes, depending on your project’s current needs? As the complexity of websites grow, user management can be time consuming and unwieldy - which is why Umbraco 7.7 has revamped this feature entirely, giving administrators a lot more flexibility and control. You can add new users, sort users by various parameters, form groups, change permissions, apply rights for groups and tinker with user settings - intuitively, with no hassle, with just a few clicks. Check out this video for a run through of all features related to this here.

Reusing Content Templates
The best websites are built on a wealth of information about user behaviour and enshrine best practices, for the creation of every page and every post. For instance, do all your blogs contain a short interactive video, and a call to action that requires visitors to fill a form? Do your case studies follow a particular format that has proven to be more engaging? Now, with Umbraco 7.7, you can ensure that all contributors to your website, follow a content blueprint before they publish. The ‘content template’ feature improves upon the ability to duplicate existing pages that existed in earlier version. Now, in Umbraco 7.7 a content template can be standardised, and the content contained within these elements can also be reused, letting multiple users save time and minimise errors. Content templates, once created will be available as a part of the drop-down menu, under each content node, so you can just click and load!

Built-in module to create Nested Content
Many a time, page designers have to make decisions about content, and the look and feel of a webpage on the go. They may decide to combine two or three different data types into one form, say bundle a banner, image slider, and testimonial into one data type. Umbraco 7.7 allows content editors to exercise their judgement more independently, with the ‘nested content’ feature. The earlier version of Umbraco used third-party plugins to create nested content, but in this release, a built-in module is used to achieve the same functionality. With this new list editing property editor, you have a simple and reusable UI, where you can repurpose standard data-types to suit your need.

Schedule Health Checks
Administrators of large websites spend a lot of time going through different sections of the site to spot bugs in the applications, checking log files and maintaining records. Umbraco 7.7 makes it easier for admins to run a bug-free application, by allowing them to configure a push notifications via email and Slack whenever a routine issue crops up. Via the scheduled health check feature, Umbraco 7.7 allows managers to enable and disable health checks, ensure tests run during low-traffic times, set up alerts only if problems are detected and customize notifications - easily, via the developer dashboard.

Umbraco 7.7 is making it easier for users to get the maximum value out of CMS and we at Gaja are committed to helping you get the maximum value out of your web presence. Get in touch with us for more guidance on implementing Umbraco for your organization and managing your brand online.

Preeti Prakash | Journalist

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