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Most Common Misconceptions About Umbraco

Most Common Misconceptions About Umbraco

Umbraco is a very popular Content Management System used by millions of users worldwide; however, there are some common misconceptions about this platform, which had been issues of concern in the earliest versions but have been fixed long since then with new version releases. We would like to debunk these misconceptions and highlight some amazing features of Umbraco that make it a leading .NET based CMS software:

1. Documentation is not free in Umbraco
This is not true at all. The best source of free Umbraco documentation is Umbraco TV. This site contains many useful Video Tutorials. Although all the video tutorials are not free and some of them require a subscription, there are several other sources of documentation that are found in the official Umbraco site. You also have forums and reputed blogs available on Umbraco that are a good source of trustworthy information.

Looking at the amount of premium content available on Umbraco TV, the price on some of the video tutorials is rightly justified as these go a long way in helping the user build efficiently on the Umbraco platform. Umbraco being open-source and with a strong developer community, the paid tutorials are one of their few sources of getting some financial support for the business, and users are more than happy to spend a little to keep their favorite CMS going strong in the market!

2. Publishing changes on multiple environments is difficult
In Umbraco, when you have multiple instances for development, staging, and production, then it is true that moving the changes from one instance to another instance is difficult. And this is because any changes to document types, content, data types etc. are stored in different database tables. If all environment database instances are not exactly same in terms of both document types and content, then you will have to repeat the changes manually, which proves to be very time consuming and difficult. However, as Umbraco evolved and with the Umbraco as a Service, this issue has been addressed and you will be glad to know that in Umbraco as a Service (Umbraco Cloud) it is possible to publish changes with one click. Check out this link for more information on Umbraco Cloud Deployment.

3. Updates are not easy
It’s true that in Umbraco, updating from a previous version to the latest versions is sometimes difficult, because some of the plugins you used might not be compatible or can cause issues in the new version of Umbraco, which lead to failed migrations. However, with the latest versions of Umbraco, the development team has standardized the migration process and it is documented very well. Also, we would like to point out that Upgrades on Umbraco Cloud is very easy and you can find more details here.

4. Improvements required in Search Criteria
Search functionality is very important in websites like news sites. In earlier versions of Umbraco, search was not an inbuilt module and one had to integrate third-party plugins or build custom code to incorporate it. However, in the latest versions of Umbraco, a high-performance in-built search module called ‘Umbraco Examine’ has been added, which makes the Search functionality in Umbraco very robust and powerful.

5. Lack of developer support and has a small community
This is NOT true at all! If you look at recent statistics, there are about 400,000+ sites across the world with almost 220,000 strong community that’s very active when it comes to fixing a bug, reporting an issue, creating a package or simply provide answers to other members of the community. Umbraco has evolved a lot in recent years and boasts of an active community that’s helping make Umbraco better.

6. Standard templates are not available
There are standard themes available which are very quick to implement and cost-effective to build websites of similar design. It is true that a few years back Umbraco was not so popular for readily available themes or templates as there were very few developers. But over the years, Umbraco’s popularity has increased and there are many companies dedicatedly working on developing Umbraco themes.

7. Configuration is time-consuming 
In the earlier version of Umbraco, all configurations were done by editing config files on the hosting server. This was very complex for non-developers as even the smallest mistakes in config files could cause the website to crash and it was very difficult to debug and fix the issues.

Umbraco team has worked very hard and is continuously improving the Umbraco Back office. It has moved the configurations for Umbraco Examine, URL redirect etc. to the Back office and is working to move all the configurations to back office, which will lead to quicker configuration and will be easy to use even by the non-developers.

We hope that the new features and improvements in Umbraco that we have highlighted here will dispel most of the common misconceptions about this great CMS platform that has come a long way since its debut in 2005. The Umbraco team and the developer community is striving hard to make the software as flexible, robust and cost-effective as possible.

If you have any queries regarding Umbraco development for your website or web application, please contact us.

Shwetha Bhat | Blogger

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