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Salient Features of nopCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Salient Features of nopCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Multi-vendor marketplaces offer a positive customer experience as shoppers don’t have to browse through multiple sites to get what they want. With a wide range of physical as well as digital products to choose from, customers are happy with e-commerce platforms that host third party vendors.

nopCommerce offers a special feature that helps online store owners set up multi-vendor shops without having to keep any physical inventory of the items or handle their shipments. What’s even better – store owners earn a commission from these vendors whenever a sale takes place through their website!

The vendors benefit from a ready online marketplace as well as a customer base that the store-owner already has built. They also do not have to worry about maintaining the e-commerce platform. Hence, it’s a win-win business model for both parties, which also provides enhanced customer experience.

nopCommerce has the following multi-vendor functionalities on its platform that bring the ease of doing business for all stakeholders:

  1. Vendor Registration

nopCommerce provides built-in registration page for vendors, where they can register as a vendor from the nopCommerce public store. The Vendor Registration page looks like this:

  1. Vendor Profile

Once the vendor submits the registration form, the store admin will have the option to accept the vendor registration or not. After accepting the registration, the admin can then update vendor profile like Name, Description, Address etc.

 Once the Vendor profile is created, the admin is required to assign customer accounts to the vendor for uploading the products and managing the orders. Assigning of customer accounts is done from the customer's edit page by selecting Vendor in ‘Manager of vendor’ drop down as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Vendor Dash Board

Accounts associated with vendor’s login will get access to the Vendor admin area, like Administrator Dashboard. Vendor dashboard also gives a summary of vendor’s best-selling products and orders as shown in the screenshot below.

  1. Managing Products

Vendors can post their product information via their own Vendor Admin area. Products can be posted by navigating to ‘Categories->products->Add New’ in vendor admin area.

Vendors can also import bulk products. For more details on managing products, please visit the ‘nopCommerce for store owners: How to manage products’ blog.

Vendors can view their product reviews from the admin area and have access to their low stock report under category section. A sample Vendor Admin area screenshot is shown below: 

  1. Managing Sales Reports

nopCommerce provides sales reports to vendors wherein they can view orders related to their products, manage the shipments and get details about bestsellers and products not sold report. Sample screen shot of the Vendor Sales report is as shown below:


For more details on Managing orders visit our blog ‘nopCommerce for Store Owners: How to Manage Orders 

  1. Notify Vendor on Orders

nopCommerce has a built-in module which sends notification emails to specific vendors when the order placed contains that vendor’s products. To know more about nopCommerce email notification module, please read our blog ‘Built-in Email Templates: A powerful nopCommerce tool 

  1. How to Pay Vendors

In the current implementation of nopCommerce, all order payments are credited to the store owner account and vendors are paid manually by the store owner after deducting their commissions.


These are some of the main features of nopCommerce multi-vendor functionality that help the store-owners increase their revenue, and provide vendors with a ready marketplace to sell their products. Each vendor can have access to its own administrative panel to manage products, review sales reports and view order feedback, without having any interference from other vendors.

The benefits of running a multi-vendor e-commerce site are huge. Not only do you increase traffic to your store, but you also enjoy a hassle-free product management without having to invest too much time on it. With nopCommerce, store owners can easily earn commissions on each sale and improve their customer reach in the marketplace.


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