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A few weeks ago, I downloaded, a mobile application that intends to help its users master the English language. What attracted me at first, was that I could choose from different courses based on my English level.

I then entered a completely new world… that got me stuck to the app for another hour! As described on their site, “ is a mobile learning platform to help people improve their English leveraging AI and gamification. The new-age learning platform attempts to simplify the learning process by using various teaching methodologies, including infographics, gamification, personalised adaptive content and spaced learning to help people excel in English.”

As explained in the “How it works?” section of the app, works on 3 major principles:

  1. Micro Learning

 “Research suggests that distributed/bite-size learning can increase information transfer by 17% and results in greater understanding, application and retention than a day long equivalent.”

Here is how it works: you receive the content under the form of cards, each of which gives you a new word to learn. You receive those cards through notifications at regular time intervals, which you can set up according to your preferences.

  1. Spacing Effect

“Learning is greater when studying is spread over time, as opposed to studying the same amount of time in a single session. Spaced effect minimises what we forget.”

You get quizzed several times about the same word until this word is considered “master by you”. It then gets listed among your “Mastered goals”, which you can go back to anytime for revision.

  1. Adaptive Intelligence

“The method and pace of instruction customised for each learner help to achieve best possible academic outcomes.”

Based on what you’ve learned or not, the app keeps sending you appropriate content. Each word is categorised as either Mastered, or In Progress, or Pending. If you manage to answer several quizzes about the same word sent to you across a long period of time, the word will be considered Mastered. However, if you make mistakes, reminders will be sent to you accordingly to consolidate your knowledge.

But what I really loved about this app, is the way they create games that make you feel like learning new words, again and again! Here are a few examples:


So, does this inspire for your future eLearning projects? What do you think about this app?


Chloé Wibaux | Project Manager

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