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Umbraco- An Efficient and Reliable CMS

Umbraco- An Efficient and Reliable CMS

Investing in a good content management system (CMS) could be one of the smartest decisions you make to help your business grow.  Content plays a key role in setting your website a class apart from your competitors’. Your website helps you communicate with your customers and get the right message across to potential ones. A reliable CMS helps you manage all your content efficiently, giving you more time to focus on the core business activities. It brings together powerful, easy-to-use features and flexibility in design. There are many CMS available in the market, like Umbraco, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

Pretty much all CMS serve the basic functionality to setup small and medium websites and most of the open-source CMSs offer free themes and plugins contributed by the community. But the real difference comes when you consider:

  • How easy is it to manage CMS backend?
  • How your application performs? Especially when you consider a CMS for building very complex websites and web applications.
  • How secure is your website and content after using an open source CMS?

This is where Umbraco, a new-age open-source CMS comes into the picture. Umbraco was created and continues to be supported by developers across the world, and is a free tool that comes with certain advantages when compared to other CMS available in the market. For instance, MySQL-based CMS like WordPress might face some performance issues when used for larger and complex websites and web application. But same is not the case with Umbraco as it uses Microsoft SQL as the database and can perform well even up to 1.5 million records.Umbraco is already gaining

Umbraco is already gaining the reputation for being an affordable, highly secure and customisable solution for setting up business websites – not only by small start-ups and companies but by some major players like Microsoft, Heinz and other IT companies.

Here are some of the other advantages that Umbraco offers in the website-building space:

Umbraco is Reliable and Controlled CMS

Umbraco is a high-performance database and has a limited number of plugins. This makes it easier to control and thus reduces the data security concerns that other CMSs can face.

To explain this a bit, let’s compare it to WordPress. WordPress has tonnes of free themes and plugins owing to its huge developer community. Due to the availability of numerous plugin options, there is no guarantee that your choice of the plugin was used and reviewed for errors and risks by someone other than the developer of the plugin and this might actually put your data at risk. However, Umbraco has a comparatively smaller but well-connected developer community. For more than 2,50,000 websites running on Umbraco CMS, there are only over 300 to 400 free plugins available. Since the number of available free plugins is limited as compared to WordPress, this makes it easier for the community to use and review most of the plugins, thereby reducing the chances of choosing a wrong plugin and putting your data at risk. Since the CMS users are outnumbering the available free plugins, it is highly likely that the available plugins are used by a number of websites and you’ll have ample reviews to judge its suitability for your project.

Any open source CMS plugin is at risk when there is a CMS upgrade available. There are chances that not all the free plugins developed by community developers will get upgraded to support the latest CMS version. It is always advisable to perform a health check after the upgrade for your website.

Umbraco is an Easy-to-Use, Extendable CMS

Umbraco has been built specifically as a Content Management System. Umbraco CMS backend is very simple and no coding skills are required for setting up basic websites. Umbraco Grids is another unique feature available in Umbraco which helps non-technical people to develop custom pages. Umbraco not only gives you flexibility in designing your website but provides various themes and plugins at an affordable price. And with the help of an ASP.NET developer, you can build upon various additional functionalities as per the requirements arising based on the project. Umbraco is highly customisable and gives greater freedom to the content manager to play around with the page layout and the interactive tiles that the platform provides. Let us understand this with a help of an example – A complex website for a hospital with patient history management, appointment scheduling, operation management and other entailing services for doctors and patients can be conveniently built using Umbraco CMS, while it might not be possible with other CMSs that are less scalable.

Umbraco Performs Well as a Search and Indexing Service

The platform has a very powerful API that helps build custom search thereby enabling visitors to find relevant content quickly. This makes Umbraco a great search and indexing service as well.

Umbraco is gradually making its presence felt as a reliable, open-source CMS tool; and it makes you wonder if it wouldn’t be wiser to invest a little and enjoy a good night’s sleep while your website continues to grow the business for you!


Manjunath Govindappa | ASP.NET Technical Lead

Shwetha Bhat | Blogger

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