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Umbraco 7.6 Beta - Focuses on Making Umbraco the Friendliest CMS

Umbraco 7.6 Beta - Focuses on Making Umbraco the Friendliest CMS

Recently Umbraco announced some big improvements in its Umbraco 7.6 beta version. Experts at Gaja Digital couldn’t wait to try the new version hands on and bring you a comprehensive review of same. So, here we are with our observations on Umbraco 7.6’s features.

Improved and Colourful Backend

In Umbraco 7.6 beta, the first thing you’ll notice is the improved UX with changed colours. Umbraco has gotten rid of the long-present unicolor backend and added some fresh and vibrant colours. Here is a screenshot showing the new look -



Improved Content, Media and Member Picker Functions

If you are either a web developer or a CMS user, you can’t ignore the importance of content, media and member picker functionalities in your development backend. Umbraco has made some improvements in these functionalities to help non-technical users to use Umbraco CMS smoothly. You’ll notice the ‘Show open button’ checkbox under the ‘Content Picker’ section of ‘Data Type.’ On enabling the checkbox, you’ll have an option to select and open a specific content node. Here is a screenshot to show the ‘Show open button’

You can find an ‘Open’ link next to the selected content node as shown in the screenshot below -

As soon as we click on the ‘Open’ link, it opens up the node content in a dialogue box instead of redirecting you to content node edit page. You can check this in the screenshot below.

Umbraco 7.6 has also improved pickers that enable you to select the list-view child nodes from the tree view. Here is a screenshot to make it easier to understand. This definitely is a huge relief for the developers and users, now it’ll require less time to search & edit a child node making the whole process much faster and efficient.



Script and Templates Editors Introduced

In Umbraco 7.60, new script and templates editors are introduced.

The script editors indicate JavaScript warnings and syntactical errors and other important errors, like missing semicolons, unclosed brackets, etc. It also provides the feature of expanding and collapsing code as shown in the screenshot below.

Below is the sample template editor screenshot. The template editor is very user-friendly and allows the developer to make changes in the master page and insert code snippets by using UI clicks for partial view, macro, section etc.


In addition to the above functionality improvements, Umbraco 7.6 also boasts significant improvements in performance and security. Overall, Umbraco 7.6 release does have a lesser number of feature additions but some of the most-awaited and beneficial ones. We are very excited for Script and template editors as these will help developers to reduce their coding efforts and quickly find errors when editing script and template files from the browser.

Looking forward to the release of Umbraco 7.6!


Piyush Punam | Community Manager

Manjunath Govindappa | ASP.NET Technical Lead

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