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nopCommerce 3.90 Beta: Feature Overview and Expert Review

nopCommerce 3.90 Beta: Feature Overview and Expert Review

nopCommerce has recently released nopCommerce 3.90 Beta version for its global community to try and give the feedback. nopCommerce experts at Gaja Digital have tried the new version and summarised its features and reviews for you. 

Additions to ‘Customers Setting’

To comply with PCI DSS 3.2, nopCommerce has added a new feature to protect customer password and privacy. In nopCommerce 3.90, this new feature will force customers to reset their password after a specified time interval. Admin can control the forcing of resetting the password at ‘customer roles’ level. To enable this option, check ‘Enable password lifetime’ for the selected user role. You can find it by following the path - ‘Dashboard -> Customers -> customer roles -> Edit Customer role (Eg: Registered)’ as shown in the screenshot below.

The admin can also make changes to the ‘Customers setting’ (available at path - Dashboard -> Configuration -> Settings -> Customer Settings) section using field ‘Password lifetime.’ nopCommerce has given full flexibility in choosing the timeline after which the customer will need to change the password if ‘Enable password lifetime’ checkbox is checked. The admin can set the number of days after which password reset is forced.

In nopCommerce 3.90 it is also possible to lock out the user for a specified amount of time after a specified number of unsuccessful login attempts using ‘Lockout time (login failures)’ and ‘Maximum Login failures’ fields from ‘customers setting’ page.

By using ‘Unduplicated passwords number’ field from ‘customers setting’ page, it is possible to restrict the usage of previously used passwords at customer’s end. Screenshot of new fields added in nopCommerce 3.90 in customer’s settings page is shown below.


Additions to Email Template Module

In nopCommerce 3.90 there have been a few changes in the email template module as well. TinyMCE text editor for the message body is replaced with regular ‘textarea’ control.  Now, it allows you to add condition statement in the email template. Eg: Shipping address in ‘Order Complete’ email will be shown only if the order contains shippable products. There are tonnes of built-in email templates available in nopCommerce and this feature would help store owners to customise the email better. Here is a screenshot showing sample syntax.


Additions to Discount Module

nopCommerce 3.90 has improved the discount module. It is now possible to create discounts with multiple group options. For example, you can now offer 20% discount on selected orders that have value higher than $2000 or $1000. You can also give a specific discount if the order includes a pre-decided product. This screenshot of discount requirement tab will prove helpful in understanding it better.


Additions to Reward Points Section

The ‘Awarded order status’ and ‘Cancelled order status’ fields are dropped from the ‘Reward points’ section in nopCommerce 3.90. Instead, they have introduced a delay in activating the awarded reward points. To add a delay in activating the earned reward points, uncheck ‘Activate points immediately’ check box and add delay hours/days in ‘Reward points activation’ field as shown in the screenshot below.

This is a very useful addition for a store owner. With this, now the store owners can be sure of activating the reward points only after they are convinced that no return/replacement requests would be raised from customers’ side.

Better Communication for ‘Out of Stock’ Items

Instead of showing the boring ‘Out of Stock’ message for products not in stock, nopCommerce 3.90 has introduced a new field - ‘Product availability range’ on the product page. This will indicate the expected time for the product to be available on the website again. The screenshot below explains the section visually.


Changes in Product Pricing Variation

In nopCommerce 3.90 ‘Special Price’, ‘Special price start date’ and ‘Special price end date’ fields are removed from the product page and ‘Start date’ and ‘End date’ are introduced in the ‘Tier prices’ section. This would simplify pricing variation and bulk product discount promotion for the store owners. Here is the screenshot showing various tabs under the ‘Tier prices’ section.

Review Reply Section Added

In nopCommerce 3.90 it is now possible for the store owner to reply to a review written by a customer. The replies for the reviews are visible in the public store for the customers. It will allow store owners to build customer rapport and address the grievances (if any). Below screenshot shows the details of new review reply section.

Experts Speak!

Overall, we believe it is a good release with a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Features like ‘Reply to Product Review’ will come handy for the store owners in addressing genuine negative reviews.

Now that the email template’s TinyMCE editor is replaced with ‘textarea’ in nopCommerce 3.90, updating and formatting email content will require basic HTML knowledge. We feel that this might pose some difficulties for store owners with a non-technical background.

We believe it’ll be best in interest for nopCommerce to get the official Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance certificate as it is one of the major factors affecting the selection of e-commerce platform. We hope to see this certification in the next version.

Have you tried the new nopCommerce 3.90 yourself? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

Piyush Punam | Community Manager

Manjunath Govindappa | ASP.NET Technical Lead

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