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Our favourite plugins in nopCommerce

NopCommerce Plugins - Ecommerce Website

nopCommerce has a range of professional plugins available to improve the productivity of your marketplace and make it easy for your customers to have a hassle-free shopping experience. These plugins come with free trials, online documentation and demos for admins among other features. We, at Gaja Digital, enjoy working with innovative plugins and would like to share with you some of our favourite nopCommerce plugins and the features that make them so popular.


Nop Ajax Filter

The Nop Ajax Filter plugin brings about extremely fast and powerful filtering capabilities to your online store, making the shopping experience very quick and efficient for your customers. This plugin also makes the website navigation easy and your shoppers can filter out products by price, manufacturer, specifications or attributes. It also has an ‘On Sale’ filter to help your customers quickly identify the products that are available on discount.

The Nop Ajax Filter has many settings to help easy integration with the category, manufacturer, vendor and search pages in your nopCommerce store. A specific reference here is the UI mode, which can be chosen to display filters as checkboxes or dropdowns. This makes it very easy for customers to navigate through the various products and make appropriate selections.



One page Checkout

For a simple, hassle-free checkout for your store, you can consider using the Nop One Page Checkout plugin as the entire check-out happens on one single page. The default checkout in nopCommerce just like other standard checkout processes takes 6 steps; however, this can be reduced to just one-page process with this very useful plugin. Customers can delete or edit the quantity of their items on the checkout page itself, and select the billing and delivery address as well.

The shipping and payment methods are automatically refreshed according to the addresses selected for shipping and billing. Customers also have options to redeem a coupon or gift card, choose a store for pick-up if needed, and add additional attributes like gift wrapping etc. Store owners can disable shopping cart to quicken the checkout by changing the settings and thus increase the conversion rate with this user-friendly One Page Checkout.



Nop Feed Manager

With Nop Feed Manager, you can export your products from the store into csv, txt and xml data feeds. Store owners can choose from 54 different templates such as Google, Ebay, Binq, Facebook, Amazon Ads, GoDataFeed etc. or create their own custom feed templates too. Nop Feed Manager can enhance your nopCommerce store with features like:


  • Product attribute filtering (example – price, quantity etc.)
  • Product and category filtering (example – export only Cellular phones category)
  • Feed attribute mapping per product (example – colour, size etc.)
  • Feed attribute mapping per category (example – colour, size etc.)
  • Several feed files per one store (one feed file for Cellular Phones category and another one for Digital Cameras category)
  • FTP upload
  • Automatic export of product specification (example – colour, size, gender etc.)
  • Support export grouped products
  • Support export product combination as new virtual sub product



Product Referral Rewards   

Now you can give incentives to your loyal customers with this easy-to-configure plugin that has been specifically designed to extend the product referral reward system. With Product Referral Rewards plugin, administrators can not only offer reward points for product referrals but also allow referrers to send coupon codes to their friends to help make their first purchase!

Administrators can also configure exactly how many points to reward to referrers and which coupon codes are to be sent to their friends. One can also enable/disable the referral system for any product they want to, and make it a requirement that the referrer must have previously purchased the product he/she is making a referral to. You can also set up special pop-up messages or animated displays on your home page to tell your customers about the incentives your store offers for referring friends.



Authorize.Net Payment Module  

Authorize.Net Payment Gateway plugin enables you to accept payment from all major credit cards and electronic checks from websites, which is then automatically deposited into your merchant bank account. Whether it’s Visa ®, MasterCard ®, American Express ®, Discover ®, Diner’s Club, JCB, Signature Debit Cards, Authorize.Net eCheck.Net ® (bank account) or digital payment solutions like PayPal, Apple Pay or Visa Checkout, you can accept international transactions from customers all over the world. The plugin installation is easy and ready to use with your nopCommerce store.



Paypal Standard

The PayPal Standard is a payment plugin to accept PayPal payments but different from the original NopCommerce PayPal Standard plugin in the sense that it creates nop orders in the store ONLY after approving the payments. This way the store owners get to see only the paid orders and the stock quantity update happens only after the payment thereby eliminating the risk of change in stock quantity due to fake orders. The plugin uses the last REST API and supports Capture and Void payments.

If a customer abandons a cart midway, he can return to the site and pick up where he left off by getting hold of the old shopping cart. In fact, store owners have the flexibility to create email campaigns to inform customers about their ‘Abandoned Carts’ by using the plugin ‘NopSmartCampaigns’.



Checking Delivery status

Now you need not track your delivery status time and again with the service provider. The Checking Delivery Status plugin provides automatic updates on your parcel delivery status and changes it to ‘Delivered’ immediately once its delivered to the customer. The plugin is tied up with partners like USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post, Royal Mail etc. This plugin is very helpful for store owners and saves their time that is normally spent on the manual tracking of their parcels.



Avarala Tax Provider

The Avarala Tax Provider plugin provides automated tax solutions for your business, and integrates easily with your existing ERP, POS or other ecommerce system. Since Avarala is a cloud-based tax computing solution, it gives you scalability, reduces time for updating or maintaining hardware and software, reduces dependency on IT personnel, brings in more efficiency and adds immense value to your business without increasing costs. The plugin provides efficient updates and helps you achieve tax compliance irrespective of the state where you conduct your business from. It has some cool features such as:


  • Uses one tax schedule instead of several different ones and maintains uniformity
  • Provides real-time tax calculations for all 12,000 taxing jurisdictions
  • The plugin offers guaranteed protection against audit, obsolete data or outdated tax laws thereby reducing your time and cost for tax compliance activities
  • It has the highest service satisfaction, with a 98.5% customer renewal rate



Live Chat

The Live Chat Nop Plugin allows you to communicate with your store visitors in real-time and address their queries or provide instant help with their purchase. The plugin can use any free messaging app such as, zopim etc. that allows you to chat with the visitors from your website or from a free customizable page. This smart looking plugin has a backend that is easy to configure and use; the installation is also quick and can be used straightaway without any hassles.



These are just some of the plugins that can enrich your user experience on nopCommerce. With a growing developer community and improvements in e-commerce offerings, we will surely see many more useful plugins from nopCommerce in the coming days.


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