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NopCommerce Chatbot Plugin: Enhance Customers’ Shopping Experience!

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has really changed the way people interact with software. With companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook using intelligent chatbots in their products for a personalised user experience, the concept of conversational commerce is gaining a lot of attention in the e-commerce industry. Chatbots on online shopping portals are simulating the experience that a shopper gets in a real-world store, and they are substituting humans at a rapid pace in e-commerce, travel sites, internet gaming and personal finance advisory to name a few applications.

Chatbots like Siri in iPhone and Cortana in Windows 10 are a delight to converse with; they answer your questions quickly, also entertain you with their witty remarks and help you plan your day just like a personal assistant would. Chatbots have been deemed as the most significant e-commerce trend in 2017, and it’s been predicted that they will eliminate the concept of ‘Customer Support’ completely as more and more businesses adopt chatbots in their shopping portals.

NopCommerce too has launched its own Chatbot Plugin called ‘Universal Chat’, which automatically greets visitors on the website, engages with them to provide a seamless shopping experience and helps you respond to client queries personally by sending you alerts on your mobile whenever a customer visits your website. With Universal Chat, you don’t have to hire a customer support team to monitor your website 24*7 and respond to customers.

How NopCommerce Chatbot Plugin Can Improve Your Business

The Universal Chat plugin was developed by Comelite IT Solutions LLC, and is based on Telegram, making it easy for shoppers to use it from any platform using their Telegram account. We spoke to David Niki, Operations Manager at Comelite IT Solutions about this innovative plugin they have developed and this is what he had to say, Universal was built on chatbot technology from the ground up. What you currently see in the Coby chatbot – it has a "flavour" of AI added to it. And this took less than a month to develop!”

Chatbots such as Universal work on Artificial Intelligence, wherein the bots use machine learning technology to teach themselves on user preferences and what would be the best course of action to solve a customer’s problem. The chatbot has several fall-back mechanisms as well. For example, if it doesn’t understand the user’s needs, it will ask them for their contact details so that you can call them back later. It also creates tickets which you can respond to, and the bot uses the learning from such cases for future conversations.

Universal Chat has been designed for SMEs, with the purpose of reducing their operational costs on customer support activities and automating a lot of tasks so that they become more responsive to customers and address their queries in real-time. Having said so, the plugin can be used by companies of any size as they improve customer experience and increase sales. Universal simplifies online support to shoppers by transferring all visitor data to the client’s phone so that they can work virtually from anywhere, anytime.

AI is going through tremendous technological improvements right now and experts say that within a span of 10 years, we will be using chatbots for most of our daily tasks. It will become the norm for e-commerce businesses to use chatbots to make their customer journeys smooth. As David Niki puts it, “Chatbots allow you to connect to messenger apps, which have a higher penetration than social media platforms. And especially in the ecommerce industry, if you don’t get your business on these platforms you are bound to lose customers”.

NopCommerce Chatbot: The Way Ahead

Ever since Comelite launched the chatbot version of its Universal chat plugin on the NopCommerce marketplace, the company has seen 572 downloads and this number is growing by the day. With AI bringing in radical changes in developer frameworks, businesses will have to be on their toes to change the way they engage with customers and improve their ROI.

Comelite Solutions are already working on developing a full-scale chatbot for NopCommerce with extended features that will not only provide customer support but also allow users to shop through it. The company says, “Presently, Universal is more like a messaging system, which is suitable for responding to customer queries and FAQs. Sure, it does track information such as quantity of order placement by the clients or what products are in their cart so that businesses can take more informed decisions, but the next step would be to allow clients to order products through it - something we are working on right now. It is possible that this new chatbot is released as a separate product, or an extension to Universal Chat”.

With mobile messaging systems such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and others dominating over social networks, and the fact that the market for messenger bots has grown to over 1 billion people in just a matter of months, it is inevitable for e-commerce chatbots like Universal Chat to take the centre stage!

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