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Adobe Captivate Text-To-Speech & VTML Tags [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Adobe Captivate Text-to-Speech option is a great way for instructional designers and e-learning developers to add a voice-over to their courses without spending additional money or facing the logistic difficulties associated with hiring a voice-over talent. One just needs to write the voiceover content as sentences in the ‘Slide Notes’ section, select one of the available voices from Captivate (each one having a specific accent and/or language spoken), and the text will automatically be converted to speech!

Of course, the computerised voice cannot yet compete with a real human voice… However, the audio can sound much more natural using the Voice Text Markup Language (VTML) tags. These are very easy to use and just need to be inserted into the 'Slide Notes'. Please check our infographic below and learn about some of the most useful VTML tags available.

For more information, you may click on this VTML User Guide.

Chloé Wibaux | Project Manager

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