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Microlearning Online Training Libraries

We have all used YouTube videos to help us with some task in our everyday lives – whether it is learning a new recipe or doing some plumbing repair in the house.  We are also frequently tuning into TED talks videos to inspire ourselves, acquire new knowledge or become better at our jobs. Apart from these popular platforms, there is another segment of online learning that has been making a buzz in the IT industry for quite some time now.

Companies today want their workforce to quickly pick-up new skills and tools through microlearning platforms, to meet the rapidly changing market demands. Microlearning online training libraries are a collection of short educational sessions that help bridge the gap in training and overcome the workplace challenges. Employees also find it convenient to access information from any device, at the time and place they choose to, vis-à-vis attending a corporate training session at the office conference room.

Why Companies Are Adopting the Microlearning Platforms for Training?

Delivering training quickly and efficiently through multiple devices, is what makes microlearning online training libraries the latest corporate eLearning trend that’s making waves across industries. Employees are provided with numerous learning opportunities at a pace they find suitable, and this is working in favour of corporations as the associated training costs are very low. Microlearning training is self-directed and can be delivered through videos, mobile apps, resource libraries that can be accessed on mobile phones, and content with interactive assessment. These short segments of learning material can be consumed quickly by employees at any level, and organizations are making a beeline to enrol their workforce in online training sessions that helps them remain relevant in today’s marketplace.

Snapchat microlearning uses 15-second videos and photos, to deliver lessons in short bursts through the app. It presents many exciting learning strategies, and has over 60 million daily users. The app allows users to snap photos or shoot videos to tell stories in a short amount of time. Employees retain information when information is delivered in short pieces of media, and with the help of the mobile app, they can quickly consume the lessons where and whenever they need it. is another example of a microlearning platform which offers bite-sized lessons and helps users master the English language through infographics and gamification quickly.  The app works on three major principles, viz. Microlearning, Spacing Effect and Adaptive Intelligence. Users receive content through notifications at regular intervals, which can be set up for their convenience. Instead of learning everything in one single session, users achieve greater outcome through aptly-timed quizzes.

There is an increasing demand for eLearning tools in the training industry due to their low-cost and flexibility of delivery. No longer do we see businesses enrolling their employees in expensive training courses that involve funding for travel and hotel expenses in another city or country. Microlearning online training libraries are catering to their training needs like never before; and these platforms are completely changing the way companies make their employees skill-ready to grow their business.

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