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nopCommerce for Store Owners: Features You Can’t Ignore

nopCommerce for Store Owners: Features You Can’t Ignore

We’ve been talking about how to make the best of nopCommerce for your e-store. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, leveraging nopCommerce to maximise your sales can be as simple as using the tools already available to you. Following up on our previous blogs focussing on store owners - how to manage products as well as orders, in this blog we will talk further about using other features to jazz up your online store. Take a peek into these interesting features, many of which are not found in other e-commerce solutions.

1. Multilingual Support for e-Store and Admin Back Office:

This is a feature that trumps language barrier making your store accessible to you and others in more than one language. nopCommerce supports multilingual feature; using nopCommerce language packages one can make both the public e-store as well as the admin back office accessible in different languages. This, without changing the source code.

Here’s how you can add a new language to your nop store -

A. Download the language pack.

E.g.: French Language pack for nopCommerce 3.80 can be downloaded from this Url:

B. Add new language from ‘Configuration -> Languages’ section. As shown in the screenshot below.

Language Configuration

C. Edit the newly added language and import the downloaded language pack as shown in the screenshot below.

Edit Language Pack

D. If the language is Published (Enabled) we can use the language selection controls to switch the language of both the public store as well as the admin back office as shown in the screenshot below.

Switch Language

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very important for any e-commerce store to increase the number of organic visitors to its online store. nopCommerce understands the importance of SEO and has included a complete SEO module. What’s more? It also considers the SEO for multilingual stores. It allows the store owner to update title, meta descriptions and URLs in multiple languages in addition to updating product information in multiple languages. SEO module for categories is shown in the screenshot below.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine friendly page name field value is used for friendly URLs of the online store.

3. Live Chat Integration:

Live chat will increase the credibility of an online store and help increase its conversion rate by reducing service expenses. The presence of an operator available for live chat will assist in dealing with online customer queries quickly. This will reduce cart abandonments and avoid potential customers from leaving the online store. nopCommerce allows for easy integration of Live chat applications. There are freely available ready-to-use nopCommerce chat plugins like LiveSupporti and Comelite that can be utilised.

4. User BehaviourData:

Having good data to predict and cater to customers’ needs can make a huge difference in the long run. If store owners know what the interests of their online store customers are, it will help them greatly to serve their customers better. With nopCommerce, store owners will have access to the following information about their customers to fall back on.

A. Activity Log: nopCommerce allows store owners to track both the public store as well as the admin back office activities. This provides a lot of flexibility to the store owner who can decide the activity types to be tracked on the basis of this information. Below is a screen shot of the activity types page.

Activity type pages

Activity log is found in the section ‘Customers -> Activity Log ->  Activity Log.’ Activity log entries like categories viewed, products viewed, products compared, products in the wish list etc help store owners understand the interest of their customers. A typical activity log looks like the screenshot below:

Activity Log

Information on Product Sales: nopCommerce provides readily available reports of bestsellers as well as products that are not doing so well under the sales section of the admin back office (As shown in the screenshot below). These reports help store owners identify the category of products that they should target and manage their inventory.

B. Country Report: For online stores that are targeting multiple geographies, nopCommerce helps store owners by providing a country based report under the section ‘Sales -> Country Report.’ This information helps a store owner understand how their business is doing in different geolocations so they can plan business strategies.

C. Current Wish Lists and Shopping Carts: nopCommerce gives its store owners all details regarding the wish lists and products added to shopping carts of current customers. Store owners can use this information to understand customer requirements and convert wish lists and unconverted shopping carts into the actual orders. A typical wish list looks like the below screenshot.

Wish list

5. Marketing:

For any business, marketing is an important element and nopCommerce recognises this and includes all the necessary infrastructure to help you market your store. Here are a few tools you will have access to with nopCommerce -

A. Discounts and Coupons: nopCommerce incorporates fully featured discount module using which a nopCommerce owner can create different discount combinations and coupons. These include discounts on Individual products, discounts on the total order value and discounts on specific category products. Discount coupons can be created from the Admin back office under the section ‘Promotions -> Discounts’.

B. Related Products: The related products feature in nopCommerce helps sell more number of products. It gives the customer access to related products that might be of interest to him or her.  

C. Campaigns: Campaigns help to increase the number of visitors and boost the organic traffic on the public e-store.

D. Affiliates: nopCommerce’s affiliates module will help you direct traffic to your online store from different sources. This is one of the unique features offered by nopCommerce.

E. Reward Points: Reward points is one of the most common approaches that businesses take in order to retain existing customers. nopCommerce comes with a fully functional reward point module included in its ‘Settings -> Reward Points’ section. Options of reward points module are shown in the screenshot below.

Reward points

F. Product Reviews and Ratings: Product reviews and ratings by customers is important data for both store owners as well as customers. This information helps to better judge products in demand. nopCommerce comes with a fully functional product reviews and rating module.

With these features of nopCommerce, you can be sure that you have access to tools that will make life easier for you as a store owner. You can leverage information about customer behaviour as well as easily take advantage of the various marketing tools in your e-store if you’ve picked nopCommerce. You have everything you need to turn your e-store into a success.


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