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Built-in Email Templates: A powerful nopCommerce tool

nopCommerce Email Templates

Once an online store is functional, the biggest worry in a store-owner’s mind is of enhancing customer experience. Store-owners constantly look for ways and means to improve the purchase and after-purchase experiences of their customers. Notifying customers of their order status at various stages of their purchase journey undoubtedly tops the list and there are multiple emailing and messaging tools available in market to enable that. If you are a nopCommerce store owner, we have good news for you – you don’t have to buy a subscription to any of the expensive tools available in market. You can get it free from nopCommerce.

nopCommerce has hundreds of built-in email templates that you can use to send notifications to your customers at various stages of their purchase journey with you. We’ll discuss these email templates and how to use them in detail in this blog.  

Where You Can Find Templates

All the built-in email templates can be found in the ‘Content management’ tab under ‘message template’ tab. Here is a screenshot:

Customers’ Purchase Journey Email Templates

When enabled and used right, these templates are sure to improve the customer experience and keep your worries away. Here is a list of all major email templates and a short explanation for each:

  • Customer Email Validation Template:

This email template can be used for validating the email provided by the users during the signup process. As soon as a user signs up, an email with an activation link is sent to the user’s inbox. To use the account on your store, the user must confirm the email by clicking on the activation link.

  • Welcome Template:

Once the registration process is completed, you can send a personalised welcome note to the new registrant with the help of this email template.

  • Password Recovery Template:

Whenever your customer uses the ‘Forgot Password’ option, an email using this template can be triggered. This email can have a step-by-step procedure for password recovery and resetting.

  • New Order Notification Template:

As soon as an order is placed, important order-related information, such as the order ID, the order content, and the shipping and billing address can be communicated to the customer via this template.

  • Order Paid Template:

This template comes in handy when you want to share payment confirmation details with the customer. This email can have details related to the payment corresponding to an order ID.

  • Order Cancellation Template:

As the name suggests, this template can be used to notify customers about their order cancellation status. The email can have order information along with the reason(s) for order cancellation.

  • Shipment Delivered Template:

This template is useful when you want to notify your customer of the shipment delivery at the delivery address. This is an important notification email for customers who have their work address as the delivery address. It lets them know that their package has been delivered to the front office for them to collect.

  • Order Completion Template:

The order completion email template can be used to communicate the order closure notification. This template is ideally used a couple of days after the order is delivered to the customer and the customer has not raised a return request.

In addition to the above-mentioned email templates, there are a few more to notify ‘product back in stock,’ ‘send a gift card to your friends,’ ‘return request’s status change,’ ‘sharing wish list with a friend,’ etc.

Vendor and Store-Owner Notification Templates

In addition to templates for customer notification, nopCommerce has created some for store owners and vendors. These templates can be used to communicate important information to the store-owners, including but not limited to – addition of a new blog comment, new product review, new customer, new vendor application, etc.

The best part about these email templates is that they are customisable! nopCommerce, in the email templates, allows placeholders for store name, product name, customer name and order Id that can be changed to make emails more personalised.

Customisation is the Core of nopCommerce

Since every business has its own unique emailing requirements, nopCommerce offers full flexibility to add more email templates at any stage of the workflow. These additional templates, like the default ones, offers complete customisation abilities.

For bigger and multilingual online stores, it is almost impossible for one person to take required actions for each of the notifications. Keeping this in mind, nopCommerce has provided flexibility for store admin to segregate email notification by work departments for example – all the order-related email notifications can be sent to the ‘operations’ department, notifications related to new customers can be sent to the ‘customer relationship’ department and notifications relevant to blog comments and product reviews can be sent to the ‘content management’ department.

We hope this article on built-in email templates has given you enough insights on the powerful tool you have in hand to take charge of customer experience for your online store. Do share your experiences in the comments section below.


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