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Three in-demand skills you can master through eLearning

Three in-demand skills you can master through eLearning

Today, employees have realised the value of constantly upgrading their skills sets to cement their position at the workplace, or to sustain their careers as consultants as part of the gig economy. And while technology shifts have made the job market a little more demanding, unpredictable and competitive, digital courses enable you to explore new subjects or take a refresher course, from the comfort of your office cubicle or home. But the variety of choices in terms of eLearning courses can be staggering. You can learn everything from photography and resume writing, to supply chain management, cloud computing and the basics of investing. This is why we have created a handy list of three in-demand skills that you can learn, online. To know more, read on.

Data Analysis
According to research by MGI and McKinsey’s Business Technology Office, the ability to analyse large data sets or ‘Big Data’ will become crucial to grow your business, outrun competitors, increase productivity and innovation. While there are ‘data analysts’ who are tasked with this responsibility, having a grasp of how to read data and mine insights will become essential for leaders, across industries. You can take on a more math and statistics driven course or choose a course that focuses more on using data analysis to drive decision making. We like an offering by Coursera, provided by PwC available here. There are also plenty of absolutely free resources out there, if you want to test the waters before signing up for a paid course.

Digital Marketing
This one is a no brainer. Even a cursory look at job listings will tell you that Digital Marketing skills, which include content marketing, blog writing, website optimization, SEO, SEM, and social media implementation, are very sought after skills in today’s landscape. While it is difficult to specialise in all these areas, it is good to identify your inherent strengths and decide which aspect you want to pursue. If you are good at ideating and writing, to create a strong foundation for a brand, invest in content marketing courses, if you are focused on lead generation or the marketing aspect of content, then look at honing your SEO and SEM skills, and if you want to focus on the publishing aspect of engaging content, then add social media management skills to your repertoire. Hubspot Academy offers a range of modular courses and a Certificate in Inbound Marketing.

An evergreen skill to possess, learning to program online is becoming easier than ever. Whether you are a complete newbie and just want to get a working knowledge of Web design, HTML and CSS or you are a natural who wants to explore the world of C# (C Sharp) and write better queries and manage databases using SQL, there is a course for you! Khan Academy offers free training, Codecacademy and Treehouse are other well respected eLearning institutes offering interactive tutorials.

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