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How to train someone to use Umbraco

How to train someone to use Umbraco

Umbraco is a very easy-to-use CMS that comes packed with plenty of features, making content editing and publishing convenient for non-technical users too. Umbraco 7 has an Angular interface, which makes it quick and seamless to interact with when compared to other CMSs in the market. One can complete most designs without requiring add-on packages; thereby, the users don’t really have to depend on any support outside of the Umbraco User Guide. Umbraco HQ itself provides a range of training services for users who want to master Umbraco and become certified experts. We will look at the various features of the Umbraco Backend Training, and how easy it is for new users to start using Umbraco for their website development and maintenance.

Features that make Umbraco easy-to-use:

Seamless content editing and publishing whether it is editing an existing page, copying or moving a page, adding images to content page through the Umbraco Media Library, adding embedded videos, publishing or unpublishing content, using Umbraco Grid or maintaining history of content changes, all these activities can be easily carried out in the backend without any development or technical knowledge.

Freedom to design front-end Umbraco doesn’t impose any restriction on what kind of front-end you can build as it is completely unbound by Umbraco implementation. The media section allows content editors to upload files and images, which can then be referenced from other parts of the website.

Content formatting using Rich Text Editor Umbraco 7’s TinyMICE editor also known as Rich Text Editor is very interactive, quick and responsive. It works similarly to an MS Word Editor with various styles, alignment options, hyper-linking etc. So, practically, anyone with a bit of acquaintance with MS Word can easily carry out content formatting on Umbraco.

User and member management made easy Whether it’s a customer who uses your website or a content editor/website owner, Umbraco provides ways to manage users and members differently. One can easily find guides on how to delete a member/user from Umbraco, and perform basic tasks like making sure the images uploaded are web-appropriate, for example.

These features make Umbraco very popular with users even from non-technical background. However, if you want to get trained on using the Umbraco Backend, you can check-out the various video tutorials on its official site that offer a step-by-step guide. Just to give you an idea, here are some resources that show how easy it is to learn Umbraco Backend tools, at no time at all:

How to Access Umbraco Login Page this allows you to access the site builder for your website, carry out content editing and other administrative tasks.

How to Edit an Existing Page this shows you how to edit a webpage, create a new page.

How to Publish Content within the Umbraco Backend Learn how to manage your content, save, preview, publish or unpublish a post.

How to Add Files and Media to your Umbraco Pages Explains how you can use the Media Library to add an edit word documents, PDF files and other media types to your pages.

There are many such resources available on the internet and on Umbraco TV that make the backend training a smooth and hassle-free process.

We, at Gaja Digital, provide comprehensive Umbraco training services to our customers as a registered partner of Umbraco and offer several other services to help you optimize your Umbraco website for efficient operation. With our training programs, users can learn how to manage and publish content, manage users and members and perform many such tasks single-handedly to run the CMS on a day-to day basis. And to top it all, it doesn’t require much time to learn all about Umbraco backend. So, if you are new to Umbraco CMS, why don’t you go ahead and give it a try!

Contact us if you have any queries on Umbraco services or would like to know more about our training programmes.

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