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Umbraco vs WordPress: Is this CMS debate relevant anymore?

While researching Content Management Systems (CMS), we often come across a debate among users over which is better: Umbraco or WordPress? There are pages upon pages, threads upon threads of fans of both platforms extolling the virtues of each. However, we at Gaja Digital, feel there is no real point to this debate – because both platforms offer unique solutions to specific requirements. Much like apples and oranges, the features these two CMSs offer are diverse, based on their different technologies.

Therefore, the answer to which platform wins the Umbraco vs WordPress battle depends on a very basic question: What do you need a CMS for? Further questions: Who is the client? What are their business objectives?

Let’s assume, as a website design house, your client wants to start a project from scratch and has a limited budget. The client may need only a small number of pages to populate his website. And you may also find that time is not a luxury you can enjoy. In this scenario, it would make better sense to deploy WordPress to get the job done.

WordPress is a free blogging site that doubles up as a CMS. It has have free themes that are mobile-friendly, and website can go live with just one click. These features make WordPress very attractive to the aforementioned client.

Umbraco, on the other hand, is an extendable open-source ASP.Net CMS that’s supported by developers from all over the world, which gives you total freedom to do with the code what you want. Umbraco is secure – far more than WordPress can ever hope to be – robust and easy to build upon. In fact, Umbraco helps you run several sites with one single installation, and is easy to set up multi-lingual sites, too.

There are several Umbraco Plugins, which can add value to the client’s site apart from just showcasing the business. So, if your client is a big company, they will certainly prefer a technology like .NET or PHP, depending on the installations they already have. No matter how many freebies WordPress offers, such a client will always try to leverage the technologies offered by platforms like Umbraco to grow their business. In such a scenario, the debate over whether to choose Umbraco or WordPress doesn’t arise at all!

Umbraco has been accepted across the world as a user-friendly CMS that helps businesses with their overall web development services. It is preferred by clients who want to embed multiple features that are in sync with their existing installations and who may also want to extend them for Umbraco application development.

To conclude, Umbraco caters to a wholly different market than WordPress. WordPress targets clients who may not have a developer background or support and are interested in building small websites for small businesses. Umbraco is popular with bigger clients who are ready to go that extra mile for the technology that it brings. And in this growing ecosystem of clienteles (big or small), both WordPress and Umbraco have plenty of suitors.

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