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A/B Testing: Creating Better User Experience

A/B Testing: Creating Better User Experience

Data is a very important commodity, and modern businesses are increasingly finding out that it is as much of a product as the products and services they offer. Whether it is content on a website, pre-sales or post sales services, or online advertising strategy, creating value for the end customer is key to the success of your online business.

So, how do you measure the value that you are creating for your customers? A/B testing, also called split testing, is one method to measure value created through actionable data. In simple words, it is a method to compare two versions of a website landing page or ad headline – or any other element of your website – against each other, to find out which of them attracts more interactions or conversions from your website visitors. The test results in choosing the best design for your website or making a change to your app, and then collecting data showing the impact of that change.

There are many benefits of A/B testing from the perspective of creating value for your customers. Let’s look at how A/B testing can help your business grow and improve your online presence.

Advantages of A/B Testing

  • Improves Customer Engagement
    Whether it is adding a navigation button at the most appropriate place on your website or deciding on the tone of a blog post, businesses can leverage A/B testing to understand which version will lead to better customer engagement. While conducting A/B testing, you will run through multiple versions of the same element and finally decide on the best version, supported by hard evidence of its impact. This ensures that you are presenting nothing but the best to your customers.
  • Increases Conversion Rates
    The goal of a website is to attract more customers, generate leads and convert those leads to revenue. Conversions are what drive an online business, and A/B testing is a sure-shot way to find out which content strategy will convert more visitors to paying customers.
  • Reduces Risks of Revamps and Site Revisions
    Very often, companies end up spending a lot of money on website revamps or on making considerable changes to their marketing strategies, because they hadn’t tested customer behaviour on the site before going live with it. A/B testing helps you avoid unnecessary expenses such as these on redesigning a website from scratch – and, in turn, increase your returns on investment (ROI).

For e-commerce sites, A/B testing is very useful in finding out which version of the site will lead to reduced cart abandonments, where to place certain products to gain more traffic, what to display on the check-out page and many other small tweaks to achieve maximum sales. 

Whether it’s for your business website, e-commerce portal or mobile application development, you can employ A/B testing to decide on the best design that will deliver the maximum value to your customers. Please contact us for more details on how you can conduct A/B testing for your Umbraco or nopCommerce websites, and ensure high conversions!

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