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How nopCommerce Can Catapult Your E-commerce Business!

How nopCommerce Can Catapult Your E-commerce Business!

Launching a new business in the online marketplace can be a daunting task for any entrepreneur. Store owners need to make crucial decisions such as where to host the store, how to market their products and most importantly, which e-commerce platform they should choose to conduct their business.

There is an abundance of e-commerce portals in the market with various customer-friendly features and functionalities, and this can become very confusing for a new store owner while making a choice. We bring to you some of the important ‘must-haves’ that make a good e-commerce platform, and this will help you evaluate the various platforms you have your eyes on.

What Makes a Good E-commerce Platform

Site Security

The security protocols and policies of an e-commerce website play a vital role in conducting safe financial transactions. A platform with a secure payment gateway, PCI compliance and SSL certificate is more reliable than one that doesn’t offer these features. In case the site doesn’t offer an SSL certificate, then it should be able to offer additional features such as fraud protection or monitoring for DDoS attacks, and other such optional packages. So you should make sure that the platform you choose is secured and safe for your customers to do business with you.


While choosing an e-commerce platform, you should look for features like payment options, designing flexibility, ease of creating and managing content and how scalable the site would be once your business grows. One also needs to choose wisely based on aspects like – will the platform allow you to add extensions and new features instead of migrating to a completely new platform later.


You also need to ask some pertinent questions such as these while making a choice on the e-commerce platform for your business: 

- Will your platform provider offer the required help when you need it the most?

- Does the platform have a good online support system and documentation, which will help you resolve issues on your own? Resources such as FAQ’s, how-to’ s, product guides and video tutorials can   help when you are looking for answers.

- Does your provider have an online ticket support or chat options

Once you have understood the extent of support provided by the e-commerce solution provider, you will be able to make a wise decision. You can also look up third-party reviews on the platform and feedback the platform has received from other users in terms of community support.


In today’s e-commerce space, providing a good mobile shopping experience is the key to success. Companies have adapted to the “mobile first” approach in designing their marketing strategies. If you want to attract buyers, it is essential to choose a platform that is mobile friendly and helps you plan for mobile as well as social commerce, which involves using social media influences to market your store.

Social Commerce

Social commerce allows consumers to shop for your products directly from their preferred social media networks instead of having to exit the site to access the shopping cart. This integration between e-commerce portal and social media is again an important feature you need to look for in the platform. Also, it must be kept as simple as possible and could play an important part in acceptance by consumers.

Now that we know about all the best practices to look for in an e-commerce platform, let’s talk about a relatively new but very powerful e-commerce solution provider, nopCommerce, which is rapidly growing due to the powerful technologies it uses.

nopCommerce has all the right ingredients mentioned above that make it a good e-commerce platform, and this is exactly why we chose to work on nopCommerce at Gaja Digital Agency.

nopCommerce is an innovative ASP.NET open-source e-commerce platform that helps emerging online businesses as well as established players in selling their products and services to a worldwide customer base. nopCommerce offers the most secure, stable and extendable e-commerce solution to its clients and although quite new in the market, it already has more than 27,000 live shops built on its platform!

nopCommerce is being used not only by start-ups but also popular brands like Volvo, Puma, Reebok, DHC skincare, Columbia, Medindia and Speedo, to name a few.

Here are 10 reasons why Gaja Digital chose nopCommerce:

  1. Free Open Source Solution

Having been downloaded more than 1.8 million times, nopCommerce helps businesses leverage the latest technologies by setting up their online shop in a matter of few minutes. nopCommerce can be installed easily by downloading the software and following simple instructions. These features make nopCommerce an easy-to-use tool and a reliable e-commerce solution. 

  1. Flexible Features 

- nopCommerce supports different product types like Simple products, Grouped products (Multiple products clubbed as a single product), Rental products, Downloadable products etc.

- It’s very convenient for store owners to update product information, do bulk uploading of products and other easy product management features

- Product attributes can be added to differentiate same product but available in multiple sizes, colours, different weight etc. Price adjustment based on product attributes is one of the strong features on nopCommerce. 

  1. Product Pricing Model

In nopCommerce, price tools go beyond simple price tag creation (defining one price for the product). nopCommerce allows store owners to set different prices for different groups of their customers like retailers, wholesaler, etc., hide prices for extra-valuable items and make customers contact a sales team by enabling “call for price”. nopCommerce supports “enter your price” functionality for donations. It also supports a feature called ‘Tier-price’ that enables reducing product price if the quantity of products increase (for example, bulk orders).

  1. Mobile Commerce

nopCommerce supports a mobile-friendly version of the store with an attractive graphical user interface and responsive designs. Consumers can open the website on any connected device, browse through the various products and offers easily and make a hassle-free purchase. Mobile commerce feature is readily available for use and doesn’t require any add-ons. 

  1. Multi-Vendor support

nopCommerce showcases multiple independent vendors in the product catalogue, making the site very consumer-friendly. This is a ready platform for anyone interested in running a business model like Amazon, Ebay etc. by providing a place for different vendors to sell their products without having to manage an inventory and earn commission on each sale. Each vendor is provided with a separate administrative panel access to manage its products, review sales and other day-to-day transactions, without affecting other vendors’ activities. 

  1. Multi-Store Feature

The multi-store feature allows store owners to run multiple stores from a single installation of the nopCommerce platform. Whether you want to operate different stores for your B2B and B2C business, affiliates, co-branded stores etc., nopCommerce helps you do so from one single administration panel. It also gives you the flexibility to run individual promotional campaigns for each of your stores. Customers also find it easy to access the various stores using the same credentials since you can use a single shared database and catalogue using this feature. 

  1. Range of Payment Methods

nopCommerce can be integrated with almost all major payment gateways like Paypal, EBS, Pay U, Authorize.Net etc. and all major credit and debit cards. It has a partnership with payment processors across the globe, and this gives nopCommerce users access to exclusive marketing offers and pricing packages from these companies. 

  1. Marketing

nopCommerce offers various marketing tools and the required infrastructure to help you reach out to your customers.

- Up Selling can be done by using features like Related Products, New Arrivals, and Featured Products.

- The Discount module helps store owners come up with a variety of discount combinations and coupons.

- One can use the nopCommerce Affiliates module to direct the traffic from difference sources to their store. This is a unique feature available in nopCommerce platform and store owners get a wider customer base.

- nopCommerce also has a fully functional reward point module that store owners can utilise in order to retain existing customers and attract new buyers. 

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

nopCommerce has an inbuilt SEO module that helps increase the footfalls to your online store. The SEO is also powered for multilingual stores and allows store owners to update title, Meta descriptions, product information and also URLs in various languages. 

  1. Integrated e-commerce platform for various store owners’ needs

nopCommerce can be customised to suit your business requirements and marketing strategy. Its functionality can be extended with the help of nopCommerce Solution Partners like Gaja Digital Agency or a nopCommerce Certified Developers to enhance store-owner and customer experience.  And the best part – it can also be integrated with other ERP systems like Salesforce for large scale e-commerce stores to improve overall operations and productivity. These features make nopCommerce a suitable choice for store owners who want to use the latest marketing tools and concepts to succeed in their online e-commerce business. Although it is a new platform, nopCommerce is not a small name in the e-commerce game. It has already created a reputation for itself as a trusted solution partner with 27,000 live stores to its credit. So, if you have been sitting on the fence to choose the right e-commerce platform for your business, then wait no more! nopCommerce will not only address your many unanswered questions but also continually surprise you with its innovative features.


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