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nopCommerce Turns Eight: Our 8 Reasons To Celebrate!

nopCommerce recently marked its 8th anniversary. It was in 2008 that a young entrepreneur Andrei Mazulnitsyn in Yaroslavl, Russia launched his dream project, nopCommerce Development. As of 2016, his start-up has become a widely popular and usable ASP.NET based e-commerce solution that just can’t be ignored. The last time we checked, it was already being used by 27000 online store owners, while downloads were at 1800,000 and counting!

Many features make this e-commerce cart tick for us. To mark the 8th anniversary of our favourite ASP.NET store provider, we’re revisiting 8 features that work just right for us.

  1. Keeps Getting Better: Sure, who isn’t working on an upgrade? But what we appreciate about nopCommerce is the diligence with which changes are incorporated from the community to make it highly reliable. What more proof than the latest 3.80 Version of nopCommerce? With good feedback from the nop community and storeowners, the revamped, redesigned backend was a winner for us. The new admin module currently is more responsive, looks great, is customizable and more user-friendly than before. 
  1. Customizable: Being an e-commerce platform it understands the variety and diversity of online businesses. It is a highly flexible, allowing for a range of edits and changes to accommodate brand needs. Product details including sizes, prices or stocks can be used to determine customization, giving storeowners great control of their online business. 
  1. Loving Cloud: Cloud hosting opens up an e-commerce store to enjoy many advantages, such as handling growing customers and a smooth-running website. This allows for the business to expand to the next level. nopCommerce is easily cloud compatible so storeowners can leverage these advantages. One can deploy nopCommerce to the Azure Cloud. nopCommerce is compatible with almost every windows hosting provider. 
  1. Mobile Responsiveness: As we spend more and more of our time on our phones, nopCommerce understands the importance of the digital platform for storeowners. Therefore, its emphasis on responsive design. Its interface is adaptable to various devices and resolutions making sure your online marketplace stays accessible always. 
  1. Open Source: Open Source naturally means we have a soft corner for it, even as it makes technology about sharing! Its source code is available for download freely. That apart, nopCommerce’s active and ardent community means constant improvement in the platform. It has been translated into 30 languages and today, its marketplace boasts of over a 1000 plug-ins and themes. 
  1. Multi-Store Option: With nopCommerce not only can you expand one business, but its multi-vendor/multi-store advantage lets you manage multiple online stores with different URLs, yet, with a single administration panel. Reselling and running a virtual market place with more than one vendor becomes a cruise. 
  1. Easy Payments: The point of making a sale is crucial for any online store. Here, nopCommerce makes payments as easy a process as possible. It allows the store to accept major credit and debit cards. Since country specific payment preferences may apply in different places, it allows the storeowner to limit payment methods as per the country. It offers convenient payment options at different points between the seller and the buyer even supporting refund. 
  1. YourMarketing Manager: With a nopCommerce based store you can be rest assured that the store is equipped with marketing tools you can readily use. It offers reward point system for customers, allows easy integration with Facebook and supports the ‘related products’ prompter among other features. You’ll find provisions for product reviews and ratings, affiliate marketing, newsletter subscriptions, blogs and other important tools that you need to sell on the internet!

Here’s wishing nopCommerce, as well as the community of developers and storeowners much success!

Elizabeth Raj| Blogger

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