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nopCommerce for Store Owners: How to Manage Orders

All of us have heard the story of the genie in a lamp, making all her master’s wishes come true in a jiffy whenever she’s beckoned. And most of us wonder - wouldn’t it be amazing if we too had a genie of our own, who could get us all the goodies we want and whenever we want them?

Well, this shouldn’t come as news to you but our handy smartphone has become the modern-day genie for us with online stores working as its assistants! Wave the phone like a magic wand, click a button and you can have anything in the world delivered to you right at your doorstep. Whether it is shopping for clothes, accessories, festive decorations, furniture or regular groceries, the smartphone with the easy-to-use shopping apps has made our lives simpler and more enjoyable.

With user-friendly and intuitive interfaces, e-commerce giants are increasingly innovating to capture our imagination. As competition for higher market share grows by the minute, the kind of customer experience they provide has become the major differentiator in the online shopping industry.

A successful e-commerce platform not only focuses on improving user experience but also helps store owners effectively manage their orders to meet the customer expectations. In this aspect, nopCommerce, the open source e-commerce solution, brings a winning combination of order management, reporting and analytics that store owners are leveraging to increase their business efficiency. Let’s see how this trendsetting platform is helping store owners manage their orders effectively, and providing flexible shopping solutions for customers around the world.

nopCommerce Order Management module has various features like Shipment, Popular Search Keywords, Wishlists, Bestsellers etc. and we bring to you some of the highlights of these features that make nopCommerce such a flexible and powerful e-commerce tool.

Common Statistics Displayed on the Dashboard

  • Order Totals

Store owners can see the various orders that are in different stages of completion. Completed, processing, cancelled and pending order details are displayed in tabular format, giving information on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics. With this snapshot, owners can then get into the order details by selecting the ‘Orders’ tab in the Sales menu on the left side of the dashboard.

Order Tool

  • Latest Orders

The dashboard also highlights the latest orders that customers have placed on nopCommerce. It gives information on Customer Name, the store on which the order was placed and order date. Owners can view details by selecting the ‘View’ option on each order.

Latest Orders

  •  Popular Search Keywords

nopCommerce also assists store owners in understanding which products have higher popularity. This can be viewed in the section called Popular search keywords on the dashboard, which gives information on the popular items that shoppers were looking for and how many times the particular item was searched in the store. This way, popular keywords help store owners improve the product catalogue.

Popular Search Keywords

 Sales Menu

  • Orders

Store owners can manage their orders by selecting the ‘Orders’ tab in the Sales menu.Here, one can view the present order status, the payment status, shipping status, order value and even the warehouse from where the material is to be shipped. Store Owners can select a period for which they want to check the order numbers and other details. The orders section also has the option to print invoices, view the summary report of profits and customise the reports the way they want by using data filters according to their requirements.


  •  Shipments

In this section, store owners can track their order shipments through the tracking number provided, the date the item was shipped and delivered, the weight of the shipment etc. They can easily inform the customers on the shipment status by expanding the arrow on the left of the ‘Shipment #’, find out what the product is, the quantity shipped, item dimensions and other details.

  •  Current Wishlists

Customers can place their wish lists of products that they are interested in but buy it at a later stage and the store owners can view the details in the Current Wishlists section. This information can be used to send promotions; discount offers etc. to the customers to increase the probability of conversion.

  •  Bestsellers

As a store owner, you can also view reports on the products that are very popular and are bestsellers across categories. One can select the period of order transaction to find out which items sell the most during which part of the year. Bestseller items are displayed in a tabular format with details like quantity, total amount earned from that item, manufacturer, vendor and billing country among other details. Store owners find this information very useful in organising their sales to reach the highest number of customers during peak seasons like National Holidays, Christmas or New Year, Valentine’s Day etc. Bestsellers also give a broader picture of the kind of products that are in heavy demand in comparison to others and align their supply chain according to the demands of the market.

  •  Print Package Slips

This built-in feature in the ‘Shipments’ section helps owners to improve the productivity of shipments by getting details of the tracking number, the date of shipment and delivery date etc. and communicating the same to the customer.

Print package slip

  • Notifications

The nopCommerce in-built ‘Notification’ module automatically sends email notifications to customers as well as store owners, informing them about the order status at every stage right from the time the order is placed to its delivery completion. This way, the system provides transparency to customers and also helps store owners improve the order management process.

Order management is simple and intuitive on the nopCommerce platform. Store owners get real-time insights into their order value, order status, market requirements and shipping information to improve the overall experience of the end-users.

With nopCommerce Order Management, store owners can process orders faster, communicate with the right information across the supply chain till the products are made ready, shipped and delivered to the customers. They can also get instant reports on sales figures, invoices, profits collected and other important statistics that will help them improve their overall business productivity and customer reach in the long run.

If you want to expand your business and increase revenues through an integrated e-commerce solution, then nopCommerce is here to help you realise your business goals!


Shwetha Bhat | Blogger - Engineer

Manjunath Govindappa | ASP.NET Technical Lead

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Excellent analysis of the e-commerce module. Very well presented.
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