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Want The Best nopCommerce Theme For Your Online Store?

Choosing the best nopCommerce blog isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, it’s all too easy to get carried away with the appearance of themes as if it’s the only criterion. But there’s more that matters. I learnt this the hard way, from my own mistakes. Initially, I made some not-so-great judgment in choosing the themes for nopCommerce websites. I realised this later, when integrating the theme with the websites. I was only left with the option of customizing the themes for feature changes as they were already purchased. I had to spend a lot of time making changes to the themes. Through my experience I’ve learnt that it is good to keep a few factors in mind when choosing a nopCommerce theme for your store. Here are a few pointers you might have to keep in mind. 

Is your theme Mobile friendly?

If there’s one thing an online business can’t ignore today, it is the importance mobiles play in eCommerce. There are various industry figures to validate that shoppers are more likely to return to and buy from mobile friendly e-stores. So when choosing a nopCommerce theme it is needless to say, pick one that is mobile responsive. “Responsive design” as they call it for me is a top priority in a theme. It must make it a cruise for the customer to buy via a phone or a tablet.  Choose a theme which is mobile responsive as many people shop online using a tablet or mobile. Added to a favourable customer experience, a mobile friendly site will also boost your search engine rankings and thus keep you on the top of the game.

Who Is The Theme For?

I cannot stress how important it is to be clear on who your eCommerce website design is targeted towards when it comes to choosing your theme. For your theme to not be merely based on superficial factors work with the marketing team to understand what kind of a customer is likely to use your eCommerce store. Then decide your theme accordingly. The theme must keep in mind usability by your customer as well as represent your business accordingly. You want to keep it classy when selling premium products while the approach for clothing merchandise could be different.

What Features Do You Need?

Another crucial criterion are features - choose a theme that has features to attract visitors and customers and provides a satisfying experience. Instead of struggling to incorporate features later, choose a theme that has some features that you are looking for. There are various types of themes available. Some themes have only limited basic features while others are feature heavy. Themes with many plugins would take more time to load your site. If your website is simple and you need only basic features, then choose wisely. You can save time, money and effort if you know what themes you want based on features rather than working to customise them later.

Also, several free nopCommerce themes may not upgrade to newer versions of nopCommerce. So ensure that you choose a theme from active and trusted company, a theme that supports your nopCommerce version.

What User Experience Does The Theme Provide?

While you pick a great design, make sure you’ve thought through about the user experience. Customers who arrive at your online store must find it easy to navigate, look around, and most importantly, shop. Pick a theme that makes it easy and simple for the customer. Choosing design that looks great but complicates usability isn’t something you want to do. While all websites aim to be user friendly, it’s all the more important with an e-store where you want sales.

Is It Easily Customizable?

Even though you opt for a theme, your store shouldn’t look the same as any other, so customization is something I always recommend. When buying your theme go for ones that will be easily customizable rather than those that aren’t. This will save you a time, effort and money.

Keep these simple points in mind and go right ahead and pick the best theme!

Elizabeth Raj | Blogger

Narmada Patthi | nopCommerce Certified Developer

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