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Use nopCommerce Sales Reports to improve your eCommerce store

Use nopCommerce Sales Reports to improve your eCommerce business

I’ve been a pure ASP.NET Web developer for the last 8 years, relying wall to wall on Microsoft technologies. Two years ago, Gaja Digital, my employer decided to introduce various .Net Open Source software and, guess what, I was “nominated” to become one of the experts of nopCommerce, the leading European Open Source .Net eCommerce platform.

Even if MVC was already part of my daily environment, switching from a comfortable Microsoft world to an open source ecosystem was a little stressful, and positively exciting at the same time.

Two years later, I only have good words for my management's decision to adopt nopCommerce – and I don’t say this to have a better yearly evaluation – since no other software has so many default features in a fully customizable environment. Now, I understand what it has been downloaded 1,500,000 times.

 There are many posts explaining the good points of the user interface. I would like to share some feedback on the invisible part of the iceberg, the less glamorous, but not less important aspect of the reports accessible from the backend database. 

The in-built sales reports are essential if you are interested in understanding the performance of your e-store.

You can use the systematic data it provides to track and improve your online sales and optimise it. You get access to information details on order totals, shipping fees, costs, product profits, etc. The number of reports is limited and they are quite simple to configure but they provide just what you need to analyse your business and make future strategies. Here are some of the sales related reports:


Dashboard reports

  • Low stock reports
  • Country reports
  • Sales reports
  • Customer statistics
  • Dashboard reports

In the dashboard you can view your store statistics that includes the total number of orders that were processed, number of incomplete orders, and number of customers registered, and can view the most popular products in your store as well. This gives a quick overview of the sales.


Low Stock reports

This is a very useful report that alerts you just at the right time. Low stock report contains a list of products that are currently under stock. Report will be generated when the product quantity comes below the minimum stock quantity set.

To view report: Go to Catalog menu -> Products -> Low Stock Report


Country reports

This report enables the store owners to view the orders per country. Report contains the number of orders and total order amount for each country. The report also can be viewed filtering by order status and payment status. This can help global business rethink their strategy and distribution plans to be more effective.


Sales reports

Various reports are available under the Sales menu such as orders, shipments, recurring payments, return requests, gift cards, shopping cart, wish lists and best sellers, products never purchased and so on. You can search for and run specific sales reports such as pending orders, orders in process, completed orders and orders that have been cancelled. The report can be viewed by applying various filters available.


Customer Statistics

You can easily view the report of customers with their order total and number of orders. You can also view the number of customers registered for the last week, month and year. From this data you can receive good insights into what kind of products/ services are working better and where there is need for improvement. 

While running an effective e-store you need to pick up trends and have a fair idea of how you could improve your business. Using nopCommerce sales reports is one of the ways to do this. 

Elizabeth Raj | Blogger

Narmada Patthi | nopCommerce Certified Developer

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