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A Look at Umbraco as a Service

Umbraco, the Content Management System has a new baby and they are very proud of it. What is Umbraco as a Service (UaaS)? It’s a platform that developers can use to build an Umbraco website online. What normally would be installed locally can now be done on the Cloud. Added to this game-changer, with Umbraco as a Service, the company has also automated a range operations (installation, upgrades, deployment etc) that were previously not only mechanical but also time consuming.

What has gone into UaaS?

Over 10-years of experience and best-practices were used to build a solution that’s an intuitive and simple. The ultimate objective of this service is to get rid of all the barriers that slow an Umbraco project down and restrict its seamless, user-friendly functionalities.

What do you get out of UaaS?

Umbraco as a Service is for anyone who builds Umbraco solutions and wants to focus more on creating an experiences rather than working on installation, upgrades, deployment, infrastructure and security. All the above mentioned tasks are automated in Umbraco as a Service.

To get started you have a range of tools to work with your project in the cloud, or by cloning it (using Git) and work with it locally on your PC or any device you fancy.

When you do deem your work ready for the outside world, the safe deployment mechanism moves your site to the public web. Whether it’s new code, new content, or new media, it can be deployed from the local development site to the Umbraco as a Service Development site and then, post testing, you can deploy directly to your live site. Even changes in the future can be tested and deployed your public site.

Don’t fret about automated upgrades; the service is also smart enough to realize when an upgrade caused your website to misbehave. It will roll back to the previous version and tell you about all the things you need to take care of before getting an upgrade.

UaaS is also pro team-work. They’ve made it easy to manage your teams in UaaS; invite colleagues and customers to your projects just by adding an email address and clicking a button. And it’s just as straightforward to remove a team member.

It all boils down easy maintenance, effortless deployment, easy collaboration. The Umbraco Content   Management System proves itself yet again to be a friendly CMS.  Do feel free to get in touch with us for queries about our Umbraco expertise, our developers will be happy to help.

Maleva Robert | Blogger

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