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Shortcut to Your NopCommerce Rate Provider

Last month, NopCommerce announced a switch to a new currency rate provider plugin – the European Central Bank Rate Provider (ECB). The reason, was the unexpected discontinuation of the earlier currency rate provider plugin - money converter exchange rate provider, which was NopCommerce’s default currency plugin for versions prior to NopCommerce 3.7. This sudden withdrawal of money converter’s services needless to say put a lot of websites that run on NopCommerce in a spot. Those websites that were configured for an auto update had all their exchange rates set to 1.

However, even NopCommerce’s solution rate convertor plugin that accompanies the versions from 3.7 – ECB, has a few glitches. The plugin uses the Euro as its default base price. This feature means a lot of backend work for ecommerce websites on NopCommerce that have their base currency as the US Dollar.

Like several websites on NopCommerce, we were approached by a client faced with the problem of having all their rates set to 1. We modified the ECB rate provider to make it possible for clients that set their base currency as USD to use it without hassles. Our customised version of ECB is available for three versions of NopCommerce – 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.

Here’s the link to our modified ECB Rate Provider plugin

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