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5 Things You Need From a CMS, and Umbraco Has Them All

Choosing a Content Management System is not a frivolous task, like most business decisions. It’s with your CMS that you can take care of everything from publishing, editing, modifying, to maintaining your content. So much of your business’s functionality and productivity relies of how efficient a CSM you choose.

So let me quickly give you what you’re looking for, and what we at Gaja Digital have found worthwhile after working with a list of clients: Umbraco, the .NET-based CMS is our choice. Why? There are few requisites we have with Content Management Systems and Umbraco meets them all. As long as you have a Microsoft stack.

1. A user-friendly, no-nonsense, clean backend interface

Umbraco as a CMS makes content management a cake walk with its tidy, self-explanatory user interface. Everyone from designers, developers, content editors to a 6-year old can easily grasps the functionality of this CMS. Okay, 12-year old. Everything on the screen is exactly what it seems to be, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be scurrying around to find a function or a previously posted page/blog post. This not only means your Umbraco site is up and running in a matter of minutes, but also makes maintaining a less time-consuming task.

Spend more time creating exciting content rather than brainstorming on how to manage it!

2. It is flexible, not fussy and customizable

Umbraco is a CMS that’s very hospitable to customization. Think of any feature that you might need for your website and Umbraco will allow you to build it. Its highly accommodating personality lets you have a truly flexible and tailor-made site. Developers can effortlessly extend the CMS to work with say, other third-party applications or new features. This explains why and how giants like Heinz, Redbull, Tesco and the likes run their websites on Umbraco. Properties like text strings, media pickers, content pickers, image croppers, and multi-node tree pickers too can be easily managed without any major fuss.

Give your content editor and manager full control!

3. It is open-source, backed by a strong community and free

Ever since Umbraco was launched in 2005 by Danish Niels Hartvig its popularity has been growing around the world. Today, more than 258,000 sites run on the open source CMS, and it is indisputably one of the most deployed content management systems on the Microsoft web stack. In addition to be being supported by an active and welcoming community of users around the globe, Umbraco is also backed up by a solid commercial organization providing professional support and tools. Umbraco can be used in its free, open-source format with the additional option of professional tools and support if required.    

4. Creating, managing and hosting— it does it all  

If all what we mentioned earlier wasn’t enough, Umbraco also offers a (paid) platform for creating, managing and hosting an Umbraco website. All you have to do is subscribe to what they call ‘Umbraco as a Service’. This service is built on Microsoft Azure cloud and takes care of installation, infrastructure, and security and has a range of tools for you to build your project in the cloud or work with it locally on any device. When you do choose to go live, the deployment mechanism can safely move your site to the public web. If you have changes to make, that too can be done following some easy steps.

Even adding or removing a team member can be done in just a few clicks with Umbraco as Service. If you have more than one Umbraco website to manage and take care of, they’ve got that covered too with a single portal and single login.

5. It’s well-organised, not messy and easy on the eyes

Umbraco offers something that helps you get your stuff together, the Grid Layout. This function allows you to organise the different sections of your content. Say you want to organise your home page content in two or three columns or rows or even a combination of both, you can do so with Grid Layout. And let’s say you have no idea whatsoever how you want to organise your content and that it’s a bit all over the place. Just play around with columns, row and cells within rows and see what works best for you, and of course the content. It’s pretty simple and intuitive.

Usability, flexibility, affordability and practicality, Umbraco packs them all. What else do you think a Content Managements System should offer? Or rather, what else are you looking for in a CMS? Tell us in the comment section below or get in touch with our team, we’ll be happy to help!

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