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What’s new in Umbraco 7.4.0 beta2?

Many discussions followed the release of Umbraco 7.4 beta in December and the result was an improved 7.4 beta2 version last month in January. We decided give the beta2 version a try to see what has been moved around and modified. We found the beta2 has several new added features that make working on this it easier than before.

Here are some of the new tweaks in the new version of this open source CMS –  a new Content Type Editor, improvements in the media library, a better grid, models builder and an easier user experience in the backend apart from many other small refreshing changes.

Here are some of these alterations you can look forward to:

1. New content type editor – This new design of the content type editor is simpler and makes organising the document types with folders without having to make inherited document types. You can use compositions for mapping with the other document types. Also, adding a tab and its properties being in the same place reduce the complexity of mapping. Example:



2. Media Library improvements –  The UI has improved for the user to be able to add and view media files much more conveniently. This is definitely a change that is welcome.  Now you can view media files as thumbnails or in list view



3. Grid changes – After a lot of feedback that Umbraco received they decided to relook the grid in the beta2 version – and the results are definitely showing. The new grid offers one much more flexibility to work with than before. We found that ordering and re-ordering of rows and columns is a breeze now. 




4. Models Builder - The Models Builder is included in the Umbraco core in this version. This makes querying much easier as it gives intellisense for document types and their properties in the Visual studio. It is available in `Umbraco.ModelsBuilder` namespace.

Here’s where you can try Umbraco 7.4.0 beta2 version. Let us know what you think.

Narmada P | Umbraco Developer

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