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What Does Zend Framework 3 Have in Store for Us?

Zend Technologies has been working on the new version of Zend Framework, the PHP Framework for a while now. The previous version, Zend Framework 2 was powerful and met the objectives that the company had set: flexibility, consistency and testability. What does Zend Framework 3 have in store? Well for starters, Zend Framework 3, the company insists, is not just a new release of the framework, whereas an initiative comprising strategies and projects. It’s not just about the MVC.

So what else can we look forward to? Projected to be an evolution from ZF2, ZF3’s targets simplicity, reusability and performance. The four primary initiatives we will see take shape as part of ZF3 are enhancement and changes in Components, PSR-7, Middleware and Zend Framework 3:

  • Components will be spilt into their own individual repositories; this means they have their own development cycles and the main Zend Framework repository becomes the meta-package. This enables broader re-use and facilitate a more efficient way of developing components and also expands the number of contributors. What’s more, the company also sees this initiative to make a big difference to businesses that are choosing to put together a more tailor-made framework

  • PHP Standard Recommendations (PSR) helps identify existing practices and development approaches, and standardize them. PHP does not actually model HTTP messages, which is why we have PSR-7. Other languages like Python, Ruby, and Node.js, do provide common HTTP message abstractions, so code targeting HTTP message will work no matter what the framework. This allows developers to choose libraries based on their advantages and not the framework

  • Providing a middleware micro framework using Expressive will lead to better performance and will simplify tasks. Expressive will allow you to choose the component you want and then provide the minimal wiring so you can get started 

  • The MVC will not be altered drastically, however you can see performance enhancements in:

    Zend-servicemanager performance
    Zend-eventmanager performance
    Ability to dispatch PSR-7 middleware
    Reduction of dependencies

  • Needless to say, it will be optimized for PHP 7 while continuing to support PHP 5.5 onwards.

As Zend-Certified engineers we excited to see how all of this takes shape and are looking forward to getting our hands on Zend Framework 3. If you'd like to work with Zend, or would like us to take what you've started forward, feel free to tell us about your project

Vivek Govindarajan | Zend PHP Certified Expert &

Maleva Robert | Blogger 

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