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7 Plugins that are Super-Efficient for Your Umbraco Website

7 Plugins that are Super-Efficient for Your Umbraco Website


We at Gaja Digital are totally in love with Umbraco and prefer developing websites on Umbraco over any other platform. With our team of experts, we have executed more than 10 projects in last one year on Umbraco and want to highlight a few plugins that we have found helpful in building Umbraco websites efficiently. These plugins come handy for building almost any kind of Umbraco website. The best part about using Umbraco plugins is, these are flexible and can be customised to a great length to suit your requirements.

  • Azure CDN Toolkit for Umbraco

What is it used for – To utilise and integrate the Azure CDN with Umbraco websites and improve website performance.

You must be aware that a few assets, images, and files require to be served from the CDN for better performance and you must consider CDN if your website involves any of these:

  • Assets - CSS, JS & static images used by templates etc.
  • Images managed by Umbraco - cropped or not
  • Files - pdfs, docx etc.

To do so, this toolkit will come handy to resolve URL paths for assets and images within the content. The toolkit resolves all the URLs to their absolute paths and ensures that a cache busting query string variable is added, which is essential when the content is to be updated. Since you won’t need to handle any 301 redirects, you can expect better website performance score for your website.

Compatibility: It is 100% compatible with 7.5.x


  • SEO Metadata for Umbraco

What is it used for – To maintain SEO-related information of a page (SEO page title, Meta tags, Meta description, etc.)

The plugin allows you to add and append the SEO details for your Umbraco website. The best part is, it also gives a visual depiction of how the page appears in the search engine results. It alerts you when the title or description exceeds the limit set by the search engines. The plugin also works seamlessly when you have multiple domains configured as well.

Compatibility: It is 100% compatible with 7.5.x


  • reCAPTCHA field for Umbraco Forms

What it is used for – To prevent spam and protect Umbraco forms against bots

The reCAPTCHA plugin is very similar to the CAPTCHA feature of Google, however, made much easier for humans to validate. The reCAPTCHA allows humans to verify themselves with a single click and avoid the lengthier process of solving old CAPTCHA.

Compatibility: It is 100% compatible with 7.5.x & works on Umbraco Cloud


  • uSplit

What it is used for – To perform quick and effective A/B testing

Created in July 2016, uSplit is proving a powerful tool in quickly setting up an experimental campaign for Umbraco users. The plugin allows you to integrate your experimental campaigns directly with Google Analytics for exploring and analysing the data captured. For all your experiments, uSplit serves the variations directly at the initial request thus requires no special setups or redirections. Since uSplit is natively built for Umbraco and uses familiar editors, it is easier for users to adapt and create content variations.

Compatibility: It is 100% compatible with 7.5.x


  • Smart Blog V2

What it is used for – To create a blog on Umbraco website

Smart Blog is developed using Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. The Plugin allows integrating a basic blog to any Umbraco website. Smart Blog comes with an easy-to-operate ‘Smart Blog Management’ console that gives you easy access to all the key info and comment management.  

Compatibility: It is 100% compatible with 7.3.x


  • USync

What it is used for –To make source control & deployment easier and quicker

uSync is a database and file synchronising tool developed for Umbraco that picks the bits of Umbraco from the database and moves them to disk. Once it is moved to disk, source control, copy and movement of the website between different computers and servers are made easy. This plugin is made to recognise a range of files that include-

  • Document types
  • Media Types
  • Data Types
  • Macros
  • Dictionary Items
  • Languages
  • Member Types
  • Templates
  • Stylesheets

uSync follows a simple three-step process to keep your Umbraco website synchronised. Every time your website starts or application pool is refreshed, uSync by default runs an import. During the import process, it looks for files that are stored in the ‘uSync/data’ folder (saved during initial export after uSync installation) and compares these files with the items within your Umbraco website. In case there are differences noticed, uSync applies the values from disk to Umbraco and keeps things synchronised.

Compatibility: It is 100% compatible with 7.5.x


  • Page Comments Plugin

What it is used for – To enable comments on any pages and give the ability to manage comments without third party vendors

The Page Comments Plugin is developed to protect the interest and privacy of those who visit and comment on pages of an Umbraco website. Mostly, Umbraco users were using third-party plugins, which get an access to email addresses of the commenters on your website – this without a doubt is a big data security risk. Page Comments Plugin not only allows you to keep your precious data protected but lets you moderate and manage your comments in one go. It offers bulk moderation feature, provides email notification for comments, as well as gives the option of auto-approving comments. The best part is, it comes with Google reCAPTCHA 2.0 system that keeps a tight check on spam from bots.

Compatibility: Compatible with Umbraco 7+


We worked hard on keeping this list short and limited to the plugins we love most and use very often in the creation of a website from scratch. However, we couldn’t resist adding these three favourites that came from the official Umbraco community –


What is your Favourite plugin/package? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Piyush Punam | Community Manager

Manjunath Govindappa | ASP.NET Technical Lead

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