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Change is Good: A look at nopCommerce’s New Version 3.80

Last week, nopCommerce’s latest version, 3.80, saw the light of day. The open source ecommerce software has built up a reputation of being highly dependable and user friendly. It has been downloaded as many as 1,5000,000 times! The ease it provides in customizing according to business needs, makes it a popular choice. nopCommerce has been using feedback from its users and its first conference nopDevDays 2015 to upgrade its software with better tweaks. The result was version 3.80.

The company threw some light on what one could expect in an article on its website, “The main changes that we implemented were aimed at making nopCommerce more store owners and store managers oriented. We wanted to ease the work with the platform for different types of users: from beginner merchants to experienced managers.”

At Gaja Digital, we couldn’t wait to see what the new changes are, we’ve already tested the upgraded version to see how it compares with the earlier one. Here’s our take on the new release.

The nopCommerce 3.80 release is based mainly on the admin module redesign. Now the admin module has a much more responsive interface and looks sophisticated. This version can be viewed on all mobile devices bringing in the advantage of being in control of your store with just your phone. The search option on this version is much better as well with an auto complete functionality. We really liked that the admin dashboard is headed towards a more minimalistic appearance. It is customizable and the user can choose to view the required reports as per the one’s needs.

The Product Details page has been simplified for easier use with ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ options. This allows the user to view the most needed settings instead of a tedious products page. nopCommerce in its efforts to help businesses has offered a much needed feature. Its new discount system allows for multiple discounts to be used at the same time. This provides a better opportunity to run promotion campaigns. All the user is required to do is check the “Cumulative with other Discounts” box on the Discount Details page.

The 3.80 version’s better in-store pickup functionality is a welcome change. nopCommerce stores can have many pickup points letting the customer decide where he wants to get his goods from. There’s an option of including location of stores as well.

In this new version one has the option of using ‘Colour’ as an attribute to filter products. There are colour blocks in the interface to pick from!

The one thing we are a bit disappointed about is the ‘multiple currency’ feature for products. nopCommerce’s roadmap for the 3.80 last year had included the “Ability to assign catalog price per currency.” However, this feature seems to have been postponed. Incorporating it in the future will be very useful. 

Our verdict is that the 3.80 looks better and works better! With the community of nopCommerce users giving feedback, the open source software will only keep improving.

 Elizabeth Raj | Blogger

Manjunath Govindappa | ASP.NET Technical Lead


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