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Blog with Microsoft Word on Umbraco CMS!

If you are a blogger and haven’t yet tried blogging with Microsoft Word, then you are missing out on another simple and great tool that could not be more easily available. Previously, in one of our articles we wrote about how efficient Windows Live Writer is as a blogging tool for Umbraco CMS. This time, let’s take a look at how an essential daily software like Microsoft Word could simplify your content management.

Imagine, you are done writing your blog. Now, you are copying and pasting text on to your blog provider, but the MS Word’s formatting data might muddle up your text and you may require reformatting. In another word, you have no access to MS Word’s many content editing tools such as – fonts, spellcheck or photo editing tools etc. – and you cannot take advantage of the rich features Microsoft Word provides.

With a few simple steps here is how you can easily use Microsoft Word to blog. Using Microsoft Blog Post template, you can create the blog post on Umbraco without Login to Umbraco CMS back end. All the images and formatting from Word document are copied as is to Umbraco CMS back end in just a click.

Instructions below can get you started with creating blogs from Word document:

1. Either create your own data type for creating Blog or install any of the available Blog providers like Blog 4 Umbraco, smart Blog etc.

2. Login to Umbraco CMS backend and from User section create a user of type Editor and give permissions to the desired sections.

3. Select the Content Channel tab of the newly created user as shown in the screen shot below:

  • For Start Node in Content choose the folder from content section under which all new blogs to be created.

  • For Start Node In Media select the folder in media where all blog images are stored.

  • For Document Type select the document type of you blog or blog provider

  • For Description field select the filed from the document type selected above which contains complete details of the Blog.

  • Category field and Excerpt field are not supported by many blog providers so leave the default options.

4. Copy below lines of code to before </head> tag of the top layout / Master page.

<link rel="edituri" type="application/rsd+xml" href="~/umbraco/Channels/rsd.aspx" />

<link rel="wlwmanifest" type="application/wlwmanifest+xml" href="~/Umbraco/Channels/wlwmanifest.aspx" />

5. Open the Word Document and select 'Blog Post' template from the available templates. If you are not able to see blog post template, follow the menu File->New->Blog post

6. Click on create button as shown in screen shot below:

7. If you are creating blog post from MS Word for the first time, then it will show the popup for registration as shown in the screen shot. Click on Register now

8. From the Blog Provider dropdown select the other option as shown in screen shot below

9. In the next screen select MetaWebLog for API. For Blog post URL add "/umbraco/channels.aspx" followed by your domain. In the user name and password fields enter the Umbraco user credentials.

10. After completing the registration, add the blog title and blog description. User can publish the blog directly or publish as a draft from thePublish menu as shown in the screen shot below.

11. We can open the existing blogs from Umbraco by clicking Open Existing option as shown in the below image:

12. We can add new blog users to Microsoft Word or change the existing user account by clicking Manage Accounts option as shown in the image below:

Creating Blog from Microsoft Word document works, if you are using RTE for the blog detail field. If you have used Umbraco Grid data type for the Details field, you would not be able to use the above mentioned solution. If you know how to work around this, we’d love to hear from you.

If there is a need of any further assistance regarding how to blog using Microsoft Word for an Umbraco CMS, leave us a comment and our expert team will be delighted to help you.

Elizabeth Raj | Blogger

Manjunath Govindappa | ASP.NET Technical Lead


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